School of Business & Management

T-shirt Painting Competition on the occasion of Independence Day

Aug 12, 2023

Date : 12th August 2023

Time : 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM


School of Business Management with engagement of students of School of Life & Basic Sciences, School of Allied health Sciences, School of Nursing organized T-shirt Painting Competition on the occasion of Independence Day. The theme of competition was national security and freedom fighters personalities.The competition aimed to provide a creative platform for participants to showcase their artistic talents and express themselves through the medium of fabric painting. The programme received good participation of 12 students from all schools.

Each participant using a blank white T-shirt and a set of fabric paints, brushes, and other necessary painting supplies. The setup included designated painting stations equipped with easels and tables to ensure a comfortable painting environment.

The competition lasted for 2 hours, during which participants were required to transform their blank T-shirts into unique pieces of wearable art. This timeframe encouraged participants to think creatively and work efficiently to complete their designs within the given constraints. The diversity of participants was reflected in the wide range of artistic styles and interpretations of the chosen themes. Some participants opted for intricate designs with fine details, while others focused on bold and vibrant patterns. This showcased the versatility of fabric painting as a means of artistic expression.

The entries were evaluated based on creativity, originality, adherence to the chosen theme, technique, and overall visual impact. A panel of experienced artists and art enthusiasts served as judges, bringing a fair and expert perspective to the evaluation process. Participants received certificates to acknowledge their participation.

Guest lecture
Guest lecture