Theme of the Competition - Girl Child Day

Jan 28, 2023

Girl Child Day

A poster-making competition was organised on 28th January, 2023 by School of Allied Health Sciences, SIILAS Campus, JNU, Jaipur to mark “Girl Child Day”.

The event was organized under the guidance of Prof K.K. Mishra, Director, SIILAS. As many as 42 students participated in the poster-making competition.

The student presented different ideas and showcased their creativity to justify the theme.

The Judges of the competition were Dr. Shilpi Sharma (Associate Professor, School of Allied Health Sciences), Ms.Shefali Mathur (Assistant Professor, School of Business and Management), Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra (Assistant Professor, School of Life and Basic Sciences), and Dr. Vikas Choudhary (Assistant Professor, School of Nursing) from SIILAS Campus, JNU, Jaipur.

The winners from different schools were: Astha and Nehal (School of Allied Health Sciences), Goon and Tanu (School of Business and Management), Tanuja and Yashasvi (School of Life and Basic Sciences), Pooja and Soumya (School of Nursing).

After the judgement the winner received the certificates from the Director SIILAS, Prof. K.K. Mishra. He congratulated and appreciated the efforts and creativity of all the participant and motivated them to participate in all the events in the future.

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