School of Social Sciences

Induction Program Report

Aug 23, 2022
induction program

Three days induction program for newly admitted Master of Social Work student has been organized from 23rd to 25th August, 2022 in the School of Social Sciences, Jaipur National University, Jaipur.

On the first day of the program Prof. K.L.Sharma has taken a lecture on “Caste in Indian Society”. He gave emphasis on emergence and existence of different dimensions of caste in Indian society. It enlightens the student by understanding about the caste and its existence in Indian society.

On the second day of the induction program Prof. Veena Dwivedi took lecture on “Social Work in development Sector”. She is having more than three decades of experience of teaching and practice in development sector. Her lecture enlightens the student about the exposure of social work practice in development sector.

On the third day of the induction program Prof. Rajeev Gupta took the session on “Social Work: Issues and Challenges”. He started with the latest concept of freebies in the society and correlates it with the different issues and challenges which is existing in the today’s era of social work practice.

On the third day of the induction program Mr. Kamal Kishore, President, Jan kala Sahitya Manch Sansthan took a session on “Social Work with Children”. He is having five decades of experience while working with children. He started with the concept of children abuse and its different types along with intervention to be made while working with children.

induction program
induction program