School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

World Pharmacist Day

Sep 25, 2023

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has organized Pharmacist Day on September 25th 2023. Dr. Vartika Jain was the coordinator of the event. The event started with the floral greetings to the Chief Guest of the event Maj. Gen RP Choubey, Prof & HOD, GI Surgeon, MGUMST, Jaipur. Then a short introduction to Chief Guest was given by the Director, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, JNU, Jaipur.

In this pharmacist, SKIT Competition and cultural events was organized, in which 46 students were participated. The judging committee comprises of Chief Guest Maj. Gen RP Choubey, Prof. S . Panda, Prof. D. K. Uppadhyay who judged the event and awarded First runner-up and winner.

The winners of the event were:

Winner Name Name of student Name of School
Winner (Skit Competition) Dhruv and Team School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Winner (Reels Competition) Ravi and Team School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

After the event, vote of thanks to the chief guest was facilitated by Prof.(Dr.) D.K.Upadhyay and he also acknowledged the efforts of the participants. After the completion of the event, students were asked to fill the structured feedback forms regarding the event. The analysis of the feedback forms reveled that students were interested in the organization of such events. Some of the suggestion interpreted that students are willing to participate in such events at state and national level for which they required motivation and guidance from the school authorities.


Prof. S. Panda
World Pharmacist Day 2023
Director, School Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Jaipur National University