School of Life & Basic Sciences

FDP on NEP-Outcomes & Challenges

Mar 11, 2024

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was organized by School of Life and Basic Sciences , Jaipur National University in collaboration with Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra. The event was held from 11th-17th March, 2024 . Opening remarks of the FDP were given by Convener of the event Prof. Divya Shrivastava . She gave a glimpse of the event.

The programme progressed with the inaugural lecture by Prof. R. L. Raina in which he mainly focussed on The National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020. It provides an important opportunity to move Indian education from “sorting and selection” to “human development,” enabling every student to develop to their maximum potential.

The second day started with the lecture of Prof. B.P. Suneja. His talk was based on the “NEP-2020: The Journey & Challenges.” Participants discussed various aspects with the speaker. Third day session was on igniting creativity by Dr. Deepa Mordia. Her talk was based on Holistic Education under NEP-2020.

Fourth day started with Prof. Sanjay Lodha. His talk was based on Reinventing Higher Education Institutions in India. The talk was very informative and participants discussed various aspects with the speaker.

Fifth day started with Prof. R.L.Raina. His talk was mainly based on Aligning NAAC criteria with NEP-2020 Outcome Based Education. Sixth day started with Prof. Chandrani Sen. She was focussed on ‘Vision of Transform the learning System: NEP-2020’. There were 150 participants from different universities and institute of india. The feedback of participants were in favour to organize some more such sessions in future. The resource person was also happy with the audience and as his feedback he advised to the participants to focus more on NEP-Outcome & Challenges.