School of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

International Housekeeping Week

Sep 12, 2022
housekeeping week

Classes: 1. BHMCT+MBA 7th Sem.

2. B.Sc (H&HA) 5th Sem.

3. BHMCT+MBA/BHMCT/B.Sc (H&HA) 3rd Sem.

Overall Coordinators: 1. Mr. Abhishek Kar

2. Ms. Komal Vaish

Student Coordinators: 1. Ms. Aastha

2. Ms. Ekta

3. Abhinav Singh

4. Sunny Poonia

Housekeeping department maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for all associates and the guests in Hospitality organization. The existence of any Hospitality industry is not possible without Housekeeping Department. This week was celebrated as International Housekeeping week to spread an opportunity to show them how much an organization appreciate and recognize the contribution of Housekeeping team. They are probably the most essential backbone of operations and an integral part of success of Hospitality industry. That’s why the Hospitality industry has recognized and honored hospitality professional for their efforts and dedication.

With the enthusiasm and zeal towards the industry we celebrated International Housekeeping Week. This event would be first of its kind involving industry- academia dialog and experience sharing and salute the champs of Housekeeping department who evolved, innovated and applied various concurrent housekeeping practices to counter-negate the harsh effect of Covid-19 pandemic.

housekeeping week
housekeeping week
housekeeping week
housekeeping week
housekeeping week