School of Business & Management

Entrepreneurship Activity - Nascent Idea Hamsters

Mar 22, 2021

The Entrepreneurship skills development activities are regularly organized by the School of Business and Management to increase Entrepreneurial Knowledge and enhance Business management Skills of the Students of Post –graduate programs of the School. The E-Cell of the School aims to train students about developing Business plan, designing appropriate business strategy, making them aware about procedure and legal requirements for setting up a business venture. An interactive session ‘Nascent Idea Hamsters’ was organized to develop creative and innovative skills of MBA Students.The ice breaking session begun with enthusiastic welcome talk by Dr. Jyotsna Pareek followed by entrepreneurship quiz. The Students in team were asked to make a new product out of old T-Shirts. The Students showcased their creativity and team work.Astonishingly, the students came with unique product ideas, like, Grocery bags, Ladies handbag, Sling bag, Apron, Kid’s frock, and Ladies Pouch.