Semiconductor Devices and their Applications

Jan 07, 2023

Venue: Room No. SC-11, SOET Main Campus

Attended By: Students of M.Sc. (Physics)

Resource Person: Dr. Kanjalochan Jena

Profile of the Speaker: Dr. Kanjalochan Jena is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of ECE, LNMIIT Jaipur.He has obtained his master and Ph.D from National Institute of Technology, Silchar. Dr. Jena has published more than 50 research articles in various reputed national and international journals. His Research Area includes Solid-State Devices, Nanotechnology and Biosensors: Compact Modeling and Simulation. 

Objectives of the Workshop: This seminar aims to provide a general understanding of semiconductor devices and to aware the students about the fabrication and simulation of semiconductors devices and their applications in day to day life.

About the Workshop: Semiconductors are used in almost every sector of electronics. Consumer electronics: Mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, microwaves, and refrigerators all operate using semiconductor components such as integrated chips, diodes, and transistors.A seminar was held for students of M.Sc. (Physics). The workshop gave insight into Semiconductor devices used in various household and industrial devices. In the seminar, Dr. Jena elaborated on different methodologies of fabrication and explained how a semiconductor chip is designed for applications. He encouraged the students to learn a lot of things about the designing of integrated chips so that they may build their carriers in the semiconductors industries. He explained about the research opportunity in the field of semiconductors materials and devices after completion of M.Sc. Physics.

Outcomes of the workshop:-

After the completion of this session, the students must be able to:

  • have knowledge about the physics of semiconductor materials.
  • Know about the fabrication and uses of semiconductors devices
  • ?Various opportunity in the field of semiconductors even after completion of M.Sc. Physics
  • Get knowledge of research in this field after afer Physics