Free Flap Dissection

Jul 20, 2020

A World Wide Webinar was organized at Cadaveric dissection Lab on “Free Flap Dissection- a Live Operative Demonstration on Cadaver” by Plastic Surgeons of JNU Hospital in collaboration with Rajasthan Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Free flaps are a great boon to reconstructive plastic surgery following Cancer excision, Complex trauma and Birth defects. In this technique Skin, Muscle sand bones from one part of body taken along with its blood vessels and transferred to other part of body which is deficient, where the blood supply is again restored by anastomosing the vessel to the recipient vessel in defect area under microscope.

Over 1000 plastic surgeons and doctors across the globe participated in this mega event. Senior operating faculties like Dr G.S. Kalra, Dr Pradeep Goil from SMS Medical College, Dr Umesh Bansal from Bhagwan Mahaver Cancer Institute and Dr Satyabrata Mohanty from JNUIMSRC demonstrated Tips and Techniques of various types of Free flap dissection. Internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr Bhagwat Swaroop Mathur from Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, UK moderated the session.