Faculty Development Programme on Teacher Education : New Age Challenges

Jan 04, 2024
National Science Day

School of Education organised a three day faculty development program to develop insights related to research. The program was deliberated on 04/01/2024 by Prof. S.K. Yadav NCERT Delhi on ‘Research in Teacher Education’. He emphasized to work on Teacher Education policies context, effectiveness of Teacher Education and accountability mechanism school improvement. Prof.Reena Jain proposed a vote of thanks.

Prof. Hemendra Kumar Singh from Lucknow University deliberated on ‘Philosophical Research in Education’ explaining positivist research, interpretivist, pragmatist and realistic research philosophy. He emphasised that it will lead to critical thinking and enrichment to deal efficiently with ethical issue.

Prof. SarojYadav deliberated on ‘Teacher Education: New Age challenges’ highlighting the lack of funding to provide high quality education, support services.She also throw light of the technical challenges faced by faculty and student especially during blended learning. It is said that new technology allows for personalized learning but it entails changes in the process of teaching and learning. Other highlights of the lecture were measurement of students engagement, profit orientation of teachers and extended working.

National Science Day1
National Science Day1