Department of Food Technology organizing Seminar on Trends in Dairy Technology: A glimpse into Future of Dairy Industry, Technological Advancements and Emerging Trends

Jan 05, 2024
Aca  Cad

Founder and MD, Preeti Ice Cream & Foods One of the leading Ice Cream brands in Rajasthan

TIME: 01:00 PM onwards

The Seminar on Trends in Dairy Technology held at Jaipur National University aimed to provide insights into the future of the dairy industry, focusing on technological advancements and emerging trends. The event specifically targeted B. Tech. Food Technology students, offering them a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in the dynamic field of dairy technology. The primary focus was on exploring the latest trends in dairy technology and understanding how technological advancements are shaping the future of the dairy industry.
Mr. Gupta highlighted the recent advancements in dairy processing technology, shedding light on how innovations are streamlining production processes, enhancing product quality, and improving overall efficiency. The students gained insights into the latest machinery, automation, and quality control measures implemented in the dairy industry.

The seminar delved into the evolving consumer preferences and emerging trends in dairy products. Mr. Gupta discussed the increasing demand for functional dairy products, plant-based alternatives, and the integration of technology in developing innovative and healthier dairy options. The seminar included an interactive session where students had the opportunity to engage with  Mr. Gupta, asking questions and seeking advice on career paths in the dairy industry.


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