Alumni meet

Jan 12, 2019

Alumni meet was organized to connect the entire alumnus with their Alma matter and share their experiences during their stay as well as the recognition they got in their field of work as former students of JNU Jaipur. Few alumni as Dr. Piush Sharma (Principal, Maharshi Arvind College of Pharmacy), Dr. Manish Gupta (Principal, Jaipur College of Pharmacy), Dr. Manish Jaimini (Principal, Department of Pharmacy, Maharshi Arvind University), Dr. Vishal Garg (Principal, Jaipur School of Pharmacy, Maharaja Vinayak Global University), Mr. Avinash Gupta (Associate Professor, Jaipur College of Pharmacy), Ms. Shilpa Bharti, Mr. Himanshu Awasthi (Clinical Research Coordinator, EHCC), Ms. Lakshita Saini (HR Executive, Monilek Hospital) and Mr. Ramfal Dubey (Clinical research coordinator, Fortis Hospital) shared their memories of the life spent in JNU. The event was successful in drawing the former students toward the institute that stood them with times.