3 Reasons to choose University campus over affiliated college campus

3 Reasons to choose University campus over affiliated college campus

If you are exploring online about top university in Jaipur for your higher education, then this could be a right place to be in. Jaipur National University is ranked among 30 Best Universities in Rajasthan by a survey conducted by India Today group in 2015.

Benefits of college education from UGC approved Universities

For a prospective student with a long term goal, it is a matter of pride to have a degree certificate of higher education from top university. Everyone aims to achieve their goals with hard work, and spirit of dedication for which an educational institute acts as a channel in between the student & their goals. Choosing an ideal educational institute is considered a chore task but it is not so! Besides the placements & affiliation of a college or a university, many other factors influence the choice of students. In the modern education era getting admissions into a University is the first & preferred choice of the students, rather taking an admission in an affiliated college. This is because of several advantages provided by the education system in University for the benefit of the students.

Difference between Affiliated College & University

Affiliated College is an educational organization that works independently, with an additional collaboration & agreement with other institutions, generally of bigger establishments that could somehow impact & influence the academics methodologies & undertakings of the college. While, University is an institution of higher education and research that grants academic degrees in assorted courses and provides undergraduates and postgraduate education. In a short note, University has one or more affiliated college & Affiliated College is a part of a University.

1. Everything under One Roof

In an addition to outstretched campus & well equipped practical laboratories, each department viz. Finance, Academic Department, Exams, Inquiries, Results etc. can be visited under one roof; in fact, just located at the line of sight of your eyes. If you are in an affiliated college, inspite of online process, students need to indulge them in tedious paperwork and travel to far off place, if the affiliated college along with its concerned university is not in the same place or the city. This will never be a case for you, if you are taking an admission in a University instead of an affiliated college.

2. Broader opportunity to interact with students outside your horizon

There is a huge scope to interact with the students and faculty member of the course of your interest, along with the people pursuing other courses also. You have to compete with people not only in your college but at a university level, so you get a bigger playground to play in.

3. Updated Syllabus & Examination Pattern

In the present scenario, affiliated colleges are restricted for adhering to the syllabus set by their governing university, which incase might not be updated accordingly time to time.

Reversing the case, University owns flexibility in terms of curriculum design, assessments & evaluations and therefore the learning process is effectively executed. The faculty members are much more focused because it’s not only the matter of competition in a particular college, but they would have to represent themselves and the students at a University Level.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, there is an enormous scope of opportunity if pursuing a degree certificate from a top university instead of having it from an affiliated college in Rajasthan. It is always advised to take admission into a University rather that going into an affiliated college. Click here to get more information about the benefits of top university in Jaipur, Rajasthan.