Spiritual Love between Imroz and Amrita Pritam

Spiritual Love between Imroz and Amrita Pritam


Amrita Pritam


Do you know what spiritual love is? Have you ever experienced spiritual love? If not then look at the love relationship of Imroz, a renowned painter and artist and Amrita Pritam, the Punjabi poet and writer who wrote famous classical novel, Pinjar against the background of the division of India and Pakistan and her famous poem, I will meet you again. If you closely observe the relationship between Imroz and Amrita Pritam then you will realize what spiritual love is. How two persons of opposite sex spend the whole life under a single roof without demanding anything, serving selflessly and caring for each other? In this blog we are going to tell you the story of spiritual love between Imroz and Amrita Pritam, the two legendary artists of India.



Amrita Pritam:

Amrita Prtam was a famous Punjabi writer and poet. At the early age she was married to a businessman who had no any taste for literature. They had two children. But very soon her husband, Pritam realized that he was not made for an intellectual lady like Amrita. So he freed her by divorcing her. But Amrita was so gentle that she did not give up her surname, Pritam throughout her life.

Majrooh Sultan Puri

Majrooh Sultan Puri:

After divorce Amrita was settled in her father house where she met Majrooh Sultan Puri , a prominent Urdu poet and lyricist, in a Poetic Symposium (Mushaira). At their first meeting they fall in love with each other at first sight. Majrooh Sultan Puri used to visit her house every evening, sat silently, sipped tea and smoked and left half burnt cigarettes in the ash tray. The half burnt cigarettes were, later on used by Amrita to feel the feeling of the touch of Sahir’s lips. This shows the intensity of her love for Sahir. This romantic habit made her a smoker. Anyhow, due to barrier of religion Sahir’s mother did not give permission for marriage and disheartedly Sahir went to Mumbai to work in Bollywood as a lyricist. Amrita was totally broken. At this time of mental shock Imroz, by chance, came for her rescue. 

Imroz, the abiding love in Amrita Pritam's life



Imroz, then a struggling painter at that time,  met Amrita at All India Radio, Delhi where she was recording her poetry and they became friends. Gradually their friendship became very strong and they decided to live together in a rented house in Delhi. From home to house they travelled together by bus. Later on Imroz bought a scooter for Amrita. Although Imroz knew very well about the relationship between Amrita and Sahir, but his love was true and selfless. Later on they bought a house at Houze khas in Delhi and settled there with Amrita;s children. He considered her children as “our children”.

Spiritual love:

Spiritual love is rooted in soul not in body. It does not know the bodily needs. It helps us find meaning of life. Spiritual love has no desire and does not demand anything in return. Such love was between Amrita and Pritam. They devoted their lives for each other without demanding anything or complaining. Imroz was her longtime companion and soul mate. They live more than forty years together till the death of Amrita but they never put any restriction on anyone. Both of them were free to follow their routines. They were only committed to unconditional love for each other. They were whole world for each other. Their acceptance of each other was complete. The sat for hours looking at each other silently, without any words. Imroz never insisted on marriage with Amrita but remain devoted to her. He accepted her two children and loved them like a real father.

Last Days:

In the old age when Amrita became weak and became sick, Imroz nursed her day and night like a sincere lover. Even after her death Imroz believes that she is always around him. He does not believe her death. He says, “She lives around me, I can feel her presence”. After Amrita’s death he started writing poetry in her memory. His book of poems, Jashn Jari Hai ( The celebration is continued) depicts the state of mind of Imroz after her death: When I am silent And thoughts too are silent A low whisper is heard Of her feelings Of her poetry. Similarly the famous poem of Amrita written for Imroz at the time of her death, indicates deep intensity of her love for Imroz: I will meet you again How and where I know not Perhaps I will become a Figment for your imagination And may be spreading myself In a mysterious line On your canvas I will keep gazing at you. If you like the blog please leave a comment and please share and forward to your friends.            

   Prof.(Dr.) Asghar Ali Ansari

                                                                     School of Language, Literature and Society

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