Role of TEC in Jaipur Region

Role of TEC in Jaipur Region

The Total Electron Content (TEC) in the ionosphere can have several effects on radio wave propagation, satellite navigation systems (e.g., GPS), and communication systems in regions like Jaipur or any other location. These effects can vary depending on the time of day, solar activity, and geomagnetic conditions. Here are some of the key effects of TEC in Jaipur:

GPS Accuracy:

TEC can introduce errors in GPS signals. When GPS signals pass through the ionosphere, they experience delays due to the varying electron density. This delay can lead to errors in GPS position calculations, particularly in areas with high TEC values. To mitigate this effect, GPS receivers use dual-frequency measurements to estimate and correct for ionospheric delays.

Ionospheric Scintillation:

High TEC levels can lead to ionospheric scintillation, which causes rapid fluctuations in the phase and amplitude of radio signals. This can degrade the quality of satellite communication and navigation systems, making them less reliable in certain conditions.

HF Radio Propagation:

The ionosphere plays a crucial role in high-frequency (HF) radio wave propagation, particularly for long-distance communication. Changes in TEC can affect the reflection, refraction, and absorption of HF radio signals in the ionosphere, leading to changes in signal strength and propagation paths.

Auroral Activity:

Jaipur is relatively far from high-latitude regions where auroral activity occurs. However, during geomagnetic storms, increased TEC levels can impact radio communication and navigation systems even at lower latitudes. This can lead to temporary disruptions in services.


Besides GPS, other satellite-based navigation systems like GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou are also affected by TEC variations. These systems may experience similar errors and inaccuracies as GPS due to ionospheric delays caused by TEC fluctuations.

Scientific Research:

TEC variations can be studied to gain insights into ionospheric and space weather phenomena. Researchers in Jaipur and nearby regions may monitor TEC levels to understand the ionosphere's behavior and its impact on various systems.

Amateur Radio Operators:

Amateur radio operators often monitor ionospheric conditions, including TEC levels, to optimize their communication on HF bands. High TEC levels can both enhance and hinder long-distance radio communication, depending on the circumstances.

Concluding Remarks:

It's important to note that TEC levels can vary throughout the day and across seasons, with higher values often occurring during daylight hours and being influenced by solar activity. Monitoring TEC and its effects is crucial for ensuring the reliable operation of communication and navigation systems in regions like Jaipur, especially when planning for critical applications or during periods of increased solar activity. If you like the blog and find informative, please share and forward to your friends.

Dr. Preetam Singh Gour

Associate Professor,

Dept. of Physics, SLBS,

Jaipur National University, Jaipur