Difference Between Being Intelligent Wise and Clever Man

 Difference Between Being Intelligent Wise and Clever Man

Are you intelligent, wise or clever? If opportunity is given to you, what would you like to be—intelligent, wise or clever? If you are not sure then this blog is for you that is going to tell you the difference between being intelligent, wise and clever.

Intelligent Man:

An intelligent man is that who is able to understand the situation. He is always ready with a solution of a problem by utilizing his mental capacity. He is also a good analyst. He evaluates reasoning and logic better than anyone. Through his analysis of the situation he saves the society from facing the problem. That is why an intelligent person is always esteemed high. When we speak about him, we speak with great respect. 

Wise Man:  

To me a wise man is superior to intelligent man because he knows very well when to use his intelligence. He has great observation of the situation. He knows very well when to interfere in a matter and when to keep silence. He does not try to compete with anyone. Rather he is a silent watcher. He watches the situation and act according to his personal situation. Due to his control over the situation, he is successful in preventing the problem and so he leads a happy life. He has great respect in the society due to his wisdom. He advises guides and leads the people at the time of need by evaluating the situation.

Clever Man:

A clever man knows how to manipulate the situation, ideas and people. He follows the advices of a wise man and experience the intelligence of an intelligent man. In fact he uses both an intelligent man and a wise man for his benefit. He is always ready to take risks and so following the advices of intelligent and wise men, he achieves success most of times in his life. Every big business man has a group of intelligent and wise people around them who analyze and evaluate and give advices for the development of the business. The business men simply follow their advice and takes risk by investing in business. These businessmen come under the category of clever men. The clever man exploits the situations and turns them in their favour.
To explain the above facts, let us narrate a story of three beggars: 
Three beggars--a wise beggar, an intelligent beggar and a clever beggar - are sitting beside the road begging alms when they see a dirty old woman coming towards them. She herself looks very poor and seems to be a beggar herself. The woman tells them, “ I want to give you something, come with me.”
The reaction of the wise beggar would be - She looks very poor and seems to be a beggar herself. She does not have anything. She is telling lies. So there is no use of going with her. So he smiles and politely denies her invitation.
The intelligent man would analyze her offer. Why is she inviting us? She looks very poor and it seems that she has nothing. May be she is telling lie. He would analyze her offer in different ways. However he will not accept her invitation.
The clever beggar would begin to find out the risk involved in going with apparently poor women from the wise beggar and reasons what such seemingly poor woman could give him from the intelligent beggar. Finally he would go with the old woman hoping that if she gives something it will be a bonus and if she is really poor and so does not give anything, there is no harm in taking the risk because he will not lose anything.  


 Thus we see that a wise man understands the situation immediately and acts accordingly. The intelligent man starts analyzing the situation and calculates benefits and loss and is not ready to take risk. The clever man takes the benefit of the wisdom of wise man and based on the analysis of the intelligent man, he is ready to take risk and thus in 80% he is successful.
But the word, clever is full of contempt. Whenever we use this word we use it with contempt. It shows the cunningness of a person who fulfills his desire by befooling others. In our society the word is used in a derogatory sense. When we say a person clever it means he is a selfish man. He deceives people and befools them to achieve his goal. He is self centered. He only cares for himself, but this habit of him makes him to rule the society and to rise on the top.
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Prof. (Dr) Asghar Ali Ansari
School Language, Literature and Society
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