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Graduation is a momentous day in the life of a student, symbolizing the culmination of diligent efforts and the beginning of a new life and the University has already held 6 convocations in which degrees have been conferred upon students of various disciplines.

Seventh Convocation- February 18, 2017

VII Convocation, Feb 18, 2017

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Sixth Convocation- February 13, 2016

1553 students were awarded degrees and diplomas, including Ph.D Degrees.

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Fifth Convocation- September 19, 2015

Degrees were conferred to 2995 students including Ph.D programs by Shri Kalicharan Saraf, Hon'ble Minister of State, for Higher Education Government of Rajasthan.

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Fourth Convocation- March 30, 2013

1505 students of the regular mode were awarded undergraduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees. Also 416 students of the school of Distance Education and Learning were awarded degrees on this occasion.

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Third Convocation- February 11, 2012

In all 1600 Students were awarded degrees and diplomas, including Ph.D. degrees.

Second Convocation- October 16, 2010

868 Students, including Ph.D. degree on 7 students were conferred degrees.

First Convocation- January 16, 2010

455 graduates were awarded Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees.

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