School of Business & Management

National Webinar on ‘Investor Awareness: A Key to Financial Well Being’

Jun 14, 2021

“National Webinar on Investor Awareness: A Key to Financial Well Being” was organized on 20th May. 2021 by School of Business and Management in association with Ambitions Learning. The webinar was attended by approximately hundred participants who were faculty members, post graduate and undergraduate students of the School of Business and Management. The key speaker Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agrawal is a Data Scientist. He is a Doctorate in Mathematical Modelling, D Stat from University of California. He is also Mentor of Change NITI Aayog, Mentor Start-Ups and Innovation Mission. He has a rich research background of authoring books, research papers, training manuals and policy papers. He is presently working as Financial Empowerment Resource Person.

Prof. Rajesh Mehrotra (Director, SBM) highlighted the role of financial empowerment in providing better financial outcomes to low-income households thereby enhancing their financial security. He explained the importance of a systematic policy framework of government in providing financial literacy to low-income households and enabling them to assess the various financial benefits offered by government. Dr. Sanjay Agrawal provided important tips that the investors should consider while taking investment decisions which would help them in building their assets that would increase personal efficacy and household stability. He said that the surplus money after separating money that is needed to meet routine expenditure can be invested in a good debt fund like, Mutual funds, Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana, etc. He cautioned the participants about the predatory and fraudulent financial and business practices that are aiming at luring investors to invest in short term schemes that would claim to fetch handsome financial returns. He said that to prevent yourself from fraud and financial abuse, one should always maintain proper documentation of all financial matters and remain vigilant. The participants expressed that the session provided them knowledge that would be helpful in taking informed financial decisions.