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Department of Biotechnology
The 18-year journey of this Department and its consistent performance has made it one of the best biotechnology colleges in Jaipur. Seats at this highly-sought destination to specialize in the field of biotechnology are limited and offered only to highly deserving students.

The curriculum is regularly updated with current information regarding the constantly evolving field of Biotechnology. The pedagogy followed at the Department emphasizes practical skill development along with a well-balanced theoretical knowledge. A series of academic events at the department like seminars, workshops, industrial and institutional visits help the students to stay on top of this field and cultivate a research temperament.

The global pandemic has brought this field of knowledge and its related disciplines into greater prominence. Students study a plethora of subjects and specialize further in advanced courses to carve stellar careers for themselves. Some of the specializations offered at the Department are Microbiology, Molecular and Recombinant DNA Technology, Bioprocess Engineering, and Bioinformatics.

Programmes Offered

UG Programmes