M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry M. Sc. (MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY)

School of Allied Health Sciences

It is a postgraduate program that focuses on the study of the chemical processes and molecules that are involved in the maintenance of human health and the development of diseases. This program is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the molecular basis of human biology and disease and to prepare them for careers in medical research, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The curriculum of M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry includes advanced courses in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, metabolism, and biotechnology. Students will also have the opportunity to conduct research in the field of medical biochemistry, either as part of their coursework or through independent research projects.

Graduates of M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry can pursue careers as medical researchers, biochemists, biotechnologists, pharmacologists, and teachers in various settings such as universities, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. They can also work in clinical laboratories, where they will be responsible for analyzing and interpreting biochemical data and providing diagnostic and therapeutic guidance to physicians.

Overall, M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry is a comprehensive program that provides students with a strong foundation in the field of medical biochemistry and prepares them for careers that involve the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies for human diseases.

Key Information


3 Years


B.Sc.PCB/ MBBS /BDS/BAMS/ BHMS/ BPT/ B.Pharm./ B.Sc. Nursing/BVSc & AH

Selection Procedure

Merit + PI


As per Jaipur National University Rules.

Industry Internship Programme

The students undergo training programme in the Department of Biochemistry. This training will ensure that students demonstrate and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as clinical management competencies in applied, experiential settings.

Career Prospects

  • After successful completion of the course, a wide arena of opportunity in the field of Forensic science sector, Food companies, research institutes, Biotechnology companies, Environment Agency and much more.
  • Can also become Medical Coder, Medical Biochemist, Medical Lab Technologist.