Report of Sports Committee

Is LeBron James better than basketball’s greatest player of all time….Michael Jordan?

Six championships, 10 time NBA scoring champion, never lost in the finals, multiple game winning shots, scored 38 points while he had the flu…..the list of Michael Jordan’s accomplishments goes on and on. A comparison of LeBron to Jordan is almost unfair. Law students Get a Day in Basketball Court as they won the match against SILAS Department for the 4th time in a row. In his third year at Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur National University, USC Law, T. Yanglise Sangtam may have left an indelible mark. With a basketball and that too in Technorazz Event from 28th to 30th September, 2018. Imagine Yanglise’s height around 4.5 inches and he had the speed proving advantageous to the Seedling School of Law and Governance team.

A basketball game between Seedling School of Law and Governance and SILAS was organised with the proceeds supporting the public interest organizations at SADTM. The game saw enthusiastic crowds for both teams fill the bleachers at SADTM practice court. From the quality of the game, you would have thought the teams were filled with former college basketball stars and not budding lawyers. Mr Arpit Gupta and myself prepared a list of students for basketball and volleyball on 14th September, 2018 and had submitted the final list to Mr. Vinay Nayasar, Convener of the Sports Committee on 15th September, 2018. And selections were finalized. Yanglise’s teammate Kirtivardhan Rathore sought to stage the contest after learning of an annual match between the two departments.

"We’ve got a built-in rivalry with SILAS since the last four years,” explained Kirtivardhan Rathore, BALLB (Hons) V Sem. "We conducted tryouts for the players and had an application process for the coaches,” said Kirthivardhan. "It was great to see our faculties, batchmates and friends behind the game."

This highly anticipated final match between the SSLG and SILAS began at a ferocious pace with each side determined to take an early lead in the game. With our brilliant point guard Ayush Kumar (BALLB Hons 3rd sem), sharp shooters Deepak Bishnoi, BALLB (Hons) 7th Sem, T. Yanglise Sangtam, BALLB (Hons) 5th sem, Aditya Yadav and Harsh Pratap Singh (LLB(3) 1st Sem) and giant defensive players Kirtivardhan Rathore, BALLB (Hons) 5th Sem, the SSLG successfully raced to an early lead by six points during the first three-quarters. However, in the fourth quarter the SILAS dominated the game and SSLG were down by one point during the last minute. Ayush Kumar then successfully drew a foul from the SILAS and shot a free throw to tie the game at 30-30. With 10 seconds left the SILAS scored a wide open three point shot from their MVP player but luckily he missed so the game was tied and went into overtime. During the overtime, the game was still very tight with each team getting a basket respectively and the game was even in the last minute of overtime. However, with 40 seconds left there was a breakthrough and our almighty centre, Deepak Bishnoi successfully grabbed an offensive rebound and shot the basket to gain a crucial two point lead! Finally, Yanglise shot a free throw to seal the game at 37-34.

The tournament serves as a fun bonding experience and a terrific opportunity for students, faculty and staff to get to know each other better. It’s also good for students to work together and experience first-hand the value of teamwork; being able to work well together is an essential skill for attorneys. The team roster changes from year to year, and finding players can be challenging given the academic workload of law students. Typically, team veterans recruit new players. This year’s team played pick-up games in the weeks leading up to the tournament to get some practice before going in to the competition.

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