Motivational Lecture By PM Bhardwaj

Motivational Lecture By PM Bhardwaj

A motivational lecture session of Sh. P. M. Bharadwaj, a noted National Motivational and Management Guru, was organized by the School of Engineering & Technology, SADTM Campus. On Thursday, March 28, 2019 the session was attended by Faculty members and all students of B.Tech programmes.

The 2 hour long session by Mr. Bharadwaj was very energetic, inspiring and full of pearls of wisdom for students and the teachers present. Mr. Bharadwaj, who has served as the CMD of 4 PSUs before retirement, is a member of the AICTE National Steering Committee on Internships, writes weekly columns under the columns “Art of Management” in prominent financial weeklies and delivers motivational talks across the country, used anecdotes, couplets of Saint Kabir, quoted scriptures and told stories to steer the students towards a value based and skill-oriented approach to life and learning. He emphasized the importance of the teacher and the role they play in shaping the lives of their students.

Mr. Bharadwaj especially focused on the values and ethics in the education and cited many scriptures from Indian mythology as well as quoted modern great personalities to drive his point.The skill-based education is going to be the panacea of coming times, was his moot point. He was keen to partner with JNU, Jaipur to bring various skill opportunities for the students of the University in multiple disciplines.

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