Legal Aid 2019

Seedling School Of Law And Governance, Jaipur National University , Jaipur on 9th February 2019 (Friday) conducted a Legal Aid Camp in the nearby village i.e. Goner, Sanganer, Jaipur..

In this camp, 20 students from different batches of law course participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The theme, which was adopted for this camp, emphasized on “Right to education” along with “Rights of MNREGa Workers” and in addition to this; camp also focused on other legal rights which are available to them.

In order to make this camp more engaging, students also prepared a nukkad-natak on “Women Rights”, which emphasized on various rights of women and various remedies available to them in case of breach and infringement of their rights.

Timeline of the camp: -

  • 1. Stage I- At this stage we organized our set up by putting the banners, posters at “Gram Sabha Goner” in order to engage more and more persons.
  • 2. Stage II- In this we had an interactive session with sarpanch and other members of the village in order to understand day to day problems which are faced by the villagers.
  • 3. Stage III- After discussing the problems with the sarpanch and other members of the village, we had an interactive session with MNREGa workers. Around 50 MNREGa workers participated in the session. In this session we focused to understand their real time problems & we also tried to provide them complete information about their rights.
  • 4. Stage IV- After discussing about their rights, a doubt clarifying session was also conducted in order to remove any doubts in their minds.
  • 5. Stage V- In this we organized a small camp at “Rajkiya Kanya Vidhyalaya-Goner”. Around 40 Girls and 15 faculties participated in this session. In this session we had organized a “nukkad natak” relating to the rights of girls and different schemes which are there in order to support girls. Also in this session we had discussed about “Right to Education” in which girls shared their problems related to this right.
  • 6. Stage VI- This was the last but most important stage in which we focused on participants real time problems which they are facing. In order to substantiate the survey and to find the actual problems , a questionnaire was prepared and was given to the workers, students and other residents of the villages for their response.
  • 7. We tried to provide them best legal solution for their problems; our task was not only confined to provide them solution but also to facilitate them by letting them know the appropriate authorities to whom one should approach for amicable solution.

Outcome of the Survey: - this survey provided us the actual scenario and also clarified the position about different type of problems villagers are facing. Some of the problems are as:

Primary Problems:

  • 1. Lack of effective Implementation of governmental schemes such as MNREGa, Ujjwala Yojana, Sanitation and drinking water facility schemes.
  • 2. No proper medical facilities.
  • 3. Lack of effective implementation of Right to Education Policy.

Secondary Problems:

  • 1. Poor roads.
  • 2. No installation of street lights.
  • 3. No cooking gas connections.

Some of the villagers asked questions regarding their rights and duties. Some of them also shared their problems relating to their profession and asked for the solutions from the students; students answered them. It was a very well conducted program by the Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur National University.

Though the camp mainly focused on “MNREGa workers and their rights” and “Right to Education”, but in this we also tried to cover other problems such as sanitation, drinking water supply, and electricity supply. The response of the camp was so overwhelming that by the end of camp we have received many queries related to their problems. Therefore in order to provided them best solution locals were made aware that in future if they face any type of legal difficulty or if their rights are being violated or infringed, or if they are being oppressed by any administrative authority and if they want any type of legal help they can contact Legal aid committee, Seedling School of Law and Governance Jaipur in which we will try to render best solution for that.

Students tried to help them in every possible way. They even invited students again to visit their village and wanted more legal aid camps like this in the future so that they can get the maximum benefit. This was the initial and a very small step towards the cause; again with the assistance of local authorities a more positive and long lasting impact can be created. Also if we can include someone from the community in planning and organizing of the program it would have better acceptability among people.

Thanks Note: As we all know conducting a successful camp is not one man task, a whole dedicated team is required for its successful completion. For the successful completion of this camp, committee would first like to thank Hon’ble Chancellor Sir for permitting us and providing us with all the necessary support. Committee would also like to thank Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor Sir and Director SSLG for motivating the committee and guiding it in each and every situation. Committee would also like to thank administrative authorities to provide us all the necessary support facilities. This camp would not have been a success had it not received the local assistance therefore committee like to thank Sarpanch and other Gram sabha members of Goner village for providing their immense support. At last, committee would like to thank each and every faculty member and student who have been involved directly or indirectly. With the success of the camp, the Legal Aid Committee firmly believes that there is a need to take legal literacy programs to those areas of Jaipur where common people do not get easy access of legal awareness. The Committee reiterated the objective of Law College to spread the legal awareness among the people especially in the rural areas. The Committee states that there is a need for the university to have Legal Aid Cell in certain districts of Jaipur so that the students would be able to provide legal services. Finally, the committee believes that such camps would help the people to gain knowledge about their legal rights because illiteracy and poverty make people under privileged but ignorance of law makes them victims of exploitation.

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