Internal Special Back Paper Exam

Internal Special Back Paper Exam

Subject: Internal Special Back Paper Exams Online ( 15 Oct. – 12 Nov. 2020 )

Dear student,

In view of the Covid-19 crisis which is not yet over, the University has decided to conduct INTERNAL Special Back Paper Examinations in Online mode from 15 Oct. 2020  . This Examination is ONLY for those students who have appeared in their respective final semester examinations and still have back papers in one or the other semester papers.

  • Admit Cards are being sent to all the registered students who have opted the Internal (Theory)           at their Mail ID.   Please Check your mails daily from 12 October onwards.

All the relevant details will be mentioned on your Admit Cards such as the Date & Time of Exam , Name of the paper & Paper Code  , Enrolment No / R –ID etc.   The URL  for the entire Exam will also be written in the Admit Card .

Your Login ID & Password for each Exam will also be mentioned on your Admit Card

  • The duration of each Examination paper will be TWO Hours only .
  • The Examination will be in TWO Shifts: the Morning Shift from 10 am to 12 Noon and the Evening Shift from 02 pm to 04 pm.

Technological Requirements for of this Online Examination:

  1. Laptop / Desktop / Mobile with Webcam & Google Chrome Browser in incognito mode
  2. Reliable Internet Connection for uninterrupted examination work and its timely completion.
  3. Any PDF Scanner App  for scanning and uploading your answers sheets in PDF format ( i.e. answers to the Questions of Section-B of the Question Paper).
  4. Keep the necessary Stationery such as blue Pen, Pencil, eraser, scale and at least ten A-4 size white sheets for writing the answers to questions given in Section-B of the paper.
  5. After you have written your answers, you will be required to upload the scanned copies of the Answer Sheets. The task of Uploading will be allowed only after you have completed the examination and have clicked on “Exam End” button. After the two- hour Exam , you will be given 60 minutes for Uploading your Answer-Sheets.

About the format of the Paper :

  • Each paper will have two Sections : Section-A & Section-B .
  • Section-A will  have OBJECTIVE type questions (MCQs), each with Four Options.
  • Section-B will  have SUBJECTIVE type questions from the prescribed course contents/Units given in your course.  You will be required to write your answers within the given word limit. Hence , please read carefully the instructions given for each question and also the instructions given at the start of the examination.

Please Note :

  1. Students are advised to sit for the Exams properly dressed. Proctors will be watching your position & movements.
  2. For any query and clarification related to Login. Uploading etc. during the Examination , please contact the Examination Observers :  Prof. Harvir Singh    ( M. No.  9610416959   &   9351288071  )  &  Prof. Savita Shivani   ( M. No.  9694436333 )

All the best


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