Induction Programme

4th August, 2018

During the induction programme of new students of BALLB (Hons), BBALLB (Hons) and LLB (3), the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof HN Verma welcomed the fresher students and familiarised them with the foundation of law department, facilities and life at the institute. Announcing this here today, the Vice Chancellor, said that the programme would also include an interactive session with the students in which they can talk about their aspirations, career choices, academic choices and others. “Students usually come with preconceived notions about the discipline which they have enrolled in and its scope. This causes some initial misconceptions regarding career opportunities available in those disciplines”, he said. He further said that the Seedling School of Law and Governance was founded by Late Prof VS Mani, former Professor of JNU, Delhi and Founding Director of Gujarat National Law University. He pointed out on the achievements of Late Prof VS Mani including ICJ Cases and Moot competition. He urged the students to carry out the legacy left by him.

The Vice Chancellor also welcomed the Chief Guest Mr. K.S. Bains, IPS Retd. DGP, State of Rajasthan. During the programme, Mr. Bains spoke of the evolution of administration and differentiated with the management and governance. He spoke about governance complexity theory and knowledge management theory. He further spoke about the evolution of administration, management and governance during the time of the Vedas (Ancient India), Medieval India and during the British India and also about human evolution being well-refined. He mentioned about the out-dated laws which need further revision, recodified and re-interpreted. Mr. Bains considered the Indian Constitution the Fountain-Head. He also made comparisons of Indian Governance and Management to that of the Roman Empire and Central Asia. He advised the students to know the qualities of being a lawyer (listen attentively, communication, looking Dr. Mithilesh Vishwakarma, Deputy Director and Ms. Komal Audichya, Coordinator, thanked the Chief Guest for his time and encouragement to the law students.

4th August, 2018

Ms. Pragya Sethia, Advocate and Partner in SSK Law chambers, spoke on the Personality Development to the law students. Ms. Sethia is a former student of Seedling School of Law and Governance, and she spoke about her journey from the Law department to being an Advocate. She talked about participating in Moot Court, working for Legal Aid Camps, attending Lok Adalats and visiting courts to see proceedings under the guidance of a practicing advocate. She felt that without this particular examination, she wouldn’t have been aware of crucial things like Lok Adalats and importance of legal aid camps. She emphasized that it is very important for law colleges to have curriculum which includes practical exposure and the students should take advantage of it and gain as much knowledge as they can. She interacted with the freshers as well as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year students (BALLB, BBALLB, LLB(3)) and encouraged them to strive hard in their studies and career.

Ms Pragya Sethia

4th August, 2018

Mr. Sidhanth Jain, Advocate, spoke on “Career in the field of law after 12th class”. He gave an interesting talk sharing his insight gained over 10 years in the sector. He highlighted four things that are vital to thriving long term in the law industry:

  • Bring your personality to work
  • Understand the importance of networking
  • Build successful relationships
  • 4. Prepare to manage clients

He urged the students to think carefully about how your personality might fit in if you secure a training contract in any law firms they apply. Mr. Jain encouraged students to develop “self-knowledge” and an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. He also encouraged the students to attend and participate in seminars, conferences. In order to intern in the law firms, he urged them to develop strong curriculum vitae and he asked to balance between professional and personal life.

Mr. Jain placed a huge importance on getting to know decision makers and influencers to succeed. He pointed out, “As a law student there are a host of events you can attend to sharpen your networking skills. Work on adapting your approach between fellow students, trainees and qualified lawyers you meet along the way.” The one thing he emphasised above all else was the resilience required to survive a career in law. Dr. Mithilesh Vishwakarma, too emphasized the importance of participation in moot competitions, debates, seminars and conferences. He urged the students to develop logical reasoning and analysis.

Mr Sidhanth Jain

7th August, 2018

Ms. Preeti Bakshi, Executive Director of MBA Block, believes that learning is a never ending process and one learns from everything. A grand vision and a burning desire to succeed are the hallmarks of her persons which have made her rise to the pinnacle of success. She believes stimulated as well as personal cross-cultural experience at home and abroad are a significant part of global and international education, Study tours, student and faculty exchanges, semesters abroad, work with international students, and student teaching in other countries are some of the ways. She encouraged the students to make time management their habit and also asked them to think out of the box. She had urged the students to be resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills and disposition to continue their education and become personally fulilled, interdependent, socially responsible global citizens.

7th August, 2018

Mr. Harsh Sahu, Advocate and Partner in Lexus Law Firm, spoke on “Technology and Litigation”. He explained how technology has been useful in reducing the burden in litigation matters. He believes that the future of law is enabled by technology. His favorite trial tool is TrialPad, a document presentation app for theiPad that allows him to enhance, zoom and annotate exhibits in court with only a projector, a screen and his iPad. Sahu’s session with the students explored some of the pros’ “must have” technology as well as some cutting-edge tools that are or will soon become available for trial presentation purposes. Discussions were made on Artificial Intelligence and its future.

3rd August, 2018

Faculties introduced themselves to the fresher students and they explained their role and functions in the law department. The faculties urged the students to familiarize with the surroundings in the law department as well as the university. Besides, the fresher students were shown a documentary movie on “Hiroshima After the Blast” and on 6th August, 2018, the students were shown a Bollywood Legal film, “Jolly LLB” Part I.

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