Prof. C.P. Malik


Prof. C.P. Malik is Advisor (Academic Affairs). With several distinctions to his credit, he has the honour of being FNA, FNAAS, FLS, FNA-Sc, FMA, FPASc, and receipent of Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Award. Prof. Malik has also been bestowed with the Birbal Sahni Gold Medal, J.J. Chinoy gold medal, Gunnar Erdtman Medal, and the Medal of the Academy of Advancement of Agriculture. Prof. Malik has made significant contributions to the conceptual advancement and technological spin-offs in Plant and Crop Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, Nonphotosynthetic Co Fixation, Hormonal regulation of plant to growth and development. In the discipline of Biotechnology, his contributions in Cotton Fiber development, Supensor (Structure and Function), Micropropagation of oil seeds, medicinal plants and Pollen Biotechnology are internationally recognized. His contributions are also acclaimed in the recent research on molecular biology of minor crop, plants and spices. Prof. Malik is author of more than 400 research papers (including 3 in NATURE; I in Science: 3 in Int. Rev. of Cytology; I Biology Rev Cambridge), and has authored more than 30 books.