Dr. Rajesh Misra

MESSAGE As Principal of the prestigious institute JNUIMSRC, it is a big challenge before us to build competence and professionalism with appropriate confidence in medical students and to make them a capable, competent and compassionate doctor. It has been the tradition of the institute to maintain the highest standards of discipline and inculcating the excellent qualities of noble profession. My dear students, I strongly feel that our future will be in the safe hands of yours. The nation is waiting for your reputable and noble services in the coming years. Do plan to spend some of your experience in rural parts of India and take part in the National Rural Health Mission for better health of the people of India as well as in Swaccha Bharat Mission. I would say to the young minds: Practice honesty, humility, hard working habits and flexibility, maintain clarity of purpose, and persistence in doing things, and keep good health and consistency of good behavior. Be good doctors true to be 'God' as the people say the patient hands you over his/her body to use your wisdom, intellect, knowledge and vision.