LL.B. at School of Law & Governance provides in-depth studies in each of the major areas of legal practice by offering a number of special features. Medium of instruction for LL.B. is English.

Curriculum of the Programme has been prepared based on the requirements of the Bar Council of India (BCI). In addition, several specialised courses in law and Intellectual Property Rights are offered.

Duration: 3 Years


Graduate Degree with minimum 45% aggregate (any stream)

Selection Procedure:

Merit + Pl


Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    Legal Language and General English.
    Law of Tort (Including M.V. Act & Consumer Protection Laws)
    Constitutional Law I (Constitutional Theory, Salient Features of Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Parts IV & IV A of the Constitution)
    Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian legal system and legal theory)
    Optional: Legal and Constitutional History
  • II Semester

    Law of Crimes I (Indian Penal Code)
    Constitutional law II (Instruments of Governance: Constitutional Bodies)
    Law of Contract I: (General Principles of Contract )
    Environmental Law
    Labour Law & Industrial Law (Labour welfare Legislation and dispute settlement)
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with Trial Court/Trial Lawyers
  • III Semester

    Family Law I
    Law of Contracts II (Special Contracts, including Sales of Goods and Partnership)
    Law of Property
    Administrative Law
    Trust, Equity and Fiduciary relationships
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with High Court Judges/Lawyers
  • IV Semester

    Family Law II
    Company Law
    Law of Evidence
    Human Rights
    Optional: Public Interest Litigation
  • V Semester

    Law of Crimes II : Administration of Criminal Justice, including Criminal Investigation, Prisons, Juveniles
    Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
    Conflict of Laws and International Contracts
    Land Laws including Ceiling and other Local Laws
    Clinical: Alternate Disputes Resolution: Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, etc.
    Optional: Principles of Taxation Law )
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with Supreme Court Judges/ Lawyers/ industries/Law Firms
  • VI Semester

    International Trade Law (including IPR)
    Public International Law
    Clinicals: Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
    Clinicals: Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System
    Law of Carriage (Law of Multimodal Transport – land, air, maritime)


Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • Judges, lawyers, legal advisers in firms of industries
  • Law academicians in universities and colleges
  • Legal experts for Legal Consultation is another avenue available for law graduates
  • Writers/ Editors of Law Books/ Journals/ Reports
  • Outsourcing of legal services has opened up manifold opportunities for law graduates