The Jaipur National University, School of Nursing PhD Program builds on the foundational knowledge and expertise acquired in a Baccalaureate Programme  and on the advanced substantive and expert knowledge gained during Master’s programme in  Nursing to develop nurse scientists who will contribute significant new knowledge related to Nursing education, research, & Clinical practice related to chronic illness and care systems.

Objective’s of the PhD Nursing Programme -

  • Conduct research to generate a body of knowledge and test theories that advance nursing science.
  • Develop a program of scholarship that integrates research, teaching, leadership, and service to the profession.
  • Synthesize knowledge from nursing and other allied sciences to develop and test theory that affects health status.
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills in nursing practice, education and research.
  • Contribute to interdisciplinary solutions that advances healthcare in a global society.

Area of Nursing Research-

  • Clinical Interventional Studies which will generate evidence based nursing practice.
  • Practice standards in various nursing specialties.
  • Nursing Education, measurement, Evaluation of competencies, innovation in India.
  • Teaching strategies. Man Power planning.
  • Cost benefits analysis in health care.
  • Quality assurance in education and clinical practice.
  • Development of nursing theories and health models.
  • Independent nursing practice.

What makes the PhD in Nursing Programme Unique?

  • Commitment to an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Research mentorship with dedicated faculty members.
  • You will be a part of Jaipur National University, School of Nursing- a forward thinking, and progressive interdisciplinary health care.

Duration: 3 Years Minimum


M.Sc. Nursing with 55% Marks

Selection Procedure:

Entrance test cum GD/PI