School of Media Studies offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in Media Studies. The department of media studies contributes to deep research in media arts practices. Media Studies addresses the central role of media in arts, culture, society and politics, within our historical as well as local, regional, national and global contexts. The Ph.D. course helps the researcher to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of media through theoretical, historical and critical framework in order to contribute for the welfare of public.

Broad Areas of Research:

  • Reality Shows and Consumer Culture in Indian Society
  • Impact of Social Networking Sites on Youth : A Study in Kullu District (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Status and Role of Folk Media in Providing Eduentertainment to Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan
  • The Presence and Role of Grids in Indian Manuscripts : A Visual Study of Ancient and Contemporary Grid Systems
  • Role of New Media in Changing Political Scenario : A Study in Delhi
  • Role of Print Media in Effective Implementation of RTI Act : A Study of Selected Villages in Jaipur District
  • Cultural Impact of Entertainment Television Channels on College Students : A Study of Bharatpur City
  • Impact of soap Operas and Reality Shows on Viewers: A Case Study of Viewers in the City of Jaipur
  • Use of Digital Media by Students : A Comparative Study of Selected Schools in Jaipur

Duration: Minimum 3 Years


PG with 55% in MJMC

Selection Procedure:

Entrance Test and Personal Interview