Jaipur National University offers Ph.D. programme in Computer Science and Computer Science & Engineering.

Broad Areas of Research:

  • Personalized Information Access Based on Ontology,User Pofile and Collaborative Filtering
  • Exploration of Efficient Methodologies for the Improvement in Web Mining Techniques
  • Performance Analysis of Biometric Methods with Facial and Fingerprint Features for Unique Identification and Exploration of Soft Computing Techniques to Improve the Performance
  • Applications of Data Mining Techniques in Students' Academic Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in Higher Education
  • A Study of Estimation for Software Quality Metrics
  • An Evaluation of Intelligent Transport System for the Indian Automotive Networks
  • Performance Evaluation of Vehicular Data Transfer Protocol using Meta-heuristicTechniques
  • Design of Web Crawler for the Client-Server Technology : An Incremental Approach
  • Analysis and Design of Virtualization Technique for Distributed Database with XML Schema
  • Design of Innovative Captcha Methods using Cognitive Ability of Human
  • Study on Predicting for Workload of Cloud Services using Artificial Neural Network
  • Study of Performance Analysis for Packet delay in Adhoc Networks using NS3and Artificial Neural Network Techniques
  • A Roadmap to Improve Employability Index of the Management Students using Data Mining Techniques
  • Securing Information Exchange in Multihop for Non-Line of Sight of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
  • E-Mail Classification using Genetic Algorithm
  • Design and Implementation of Decision Support System for JVVNL Organization
  • Applications of Data Mining Techniques with Reference to Performance Assessment of Faculty in Higher Education Institutions

Duration: Minimum 3 Years


For Computer Science: MCA/ M.Sc. (Comp. Sc.)/ M.Sc. IT with minimum 55%.

Selection Procedure:

For Computer Science & Engineering: M.Tech. (Comp. Sc.)/IT with minimum 55%.