Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry is the study of chemical processes in living organisms. It deals with the structures and functions of cellular components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other biomolecules.

By controlling information flow through biochemical signaling and the flow of chemical energy through metabolism, biochemical processes give rise to the complexity of life. All areas of the life sciences from botany to medicine are engaged in biochemical research. Pure biochemistry focuses on understanding how biological molecules give rise to the processes that occur within living cells, which in turn relates greatly to the study and understanding of whole organisms.

Duration: 2 Years

Eligibility: Graduation in any stream of Life Sciences or B.Sc. Integrated Biotechnology with 50%

Selection Procedure: Merit and Interview


Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    MBC 101Cell Biology
    MBC 102Biomolecules
    MBC 103Enzymology
    MBC 104Analytical Techniques
    MBC 105Biochemical Genetics
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    MBCP 106Practical-I MBC101 and MBC 104
    MBCP 107Practical-II MBC 102, MBC 103 and MBC 105
  • II Semester

    MBC 201Human Physiology
    MBC 202Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
    MBC 203Metabolism
    MBC 204Molecular Biology
    MBC 205Endocrine and Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    MBCP 206Practical-I MBC 202 and MBC 203
    MBCP 207Practical-II MBC 201, MBC 204
  • III Semester

    MBC 301Bioprocess Engineering
    MBC 302Diagnostics of Biological Infectious Diseases
    MBC 303Immunology & Transplantation Technology
    MBC 304Genetic Engineering
    MBC 305Clinical Biochemistry
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    MBCP 306Practical-I MBC 301 and MBC 304
    MBCP 307Practical-II MBC 302, MBC 303 and MBC 305
  • IV Semester

    -Project work Presentation & Defense (Internal Evaluation)
    -Project work- Viva-Voce (External Evaluation)
    -Internal Theory Paper Based on Recent Advances in Life Sciences

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

There are various job options available:

  • They can find jobs in Molecular diagnostics, Health Care, Agricultural Research, Animal-Husbandry, Industrial Research and Development in- Enzyme industries, Food Processing Units, Bio-Processing, Chemical Engineering, Drug Designing and Pharmaceuticals.
  • They can also be employed in organizations dealing with- Environment Conservation, Intellectual Property Rights, Bioresourses and Waste Management.
  • Jobs are also available as Research Scientists, Research Associates, Marketing Personnels, Business Development Officers, Sales Representatives and Application Scientist.