Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the future of growth. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to fuel the growth of the world economy. AI will change the nature of work and create a new relationship between man and machine.

Jaipur National University has developed an advanced curriculum with the help of leading industry experts Our course focuses on developing the key understanding of Linear Algebra and Statistics that are the foundation of AI and ML concepts. The foundations of Python are covered to develop a strong base in programming. With the help of examples and projects, we help develop the competency in Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Random Forest, and Boosting. Our course will give the learner a leverage not only during initial employment but also during career progression. After the completion of the course, the students can apply for various jobs such as data analysts, data scientists, and Artificial Intelligence engineers.

Duration: 2 Years


Graduation in any stream with minimum of 50% marks and Mathematics as one of the subjects, either at 10+2 or Graduation level.

Selection Procedure:

Entrance Test and Personal Interview


Programme Outcome


  • MCA – I Semester

    Object Oriented Programming
    System Analysis and Design
    Computer Graphics
    Artificial Intelligence
    Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    Data Analysis using Python
    Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning with Python
    Object Oriented Programming Lab
    Computer Graphics Lab
    DAA Lab
    Communication Soft Skills-III
  • MCA – II Semester

    Theory of Computation
    Advanced Java Programming
    WEB Technology
    Computer Based Optimization Techniques
    Microprocessor Design and Assembly Language (MCA-405)
    Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
    Advanced Java Programming Lab
    Web Technology Lab
    Microprocessor Lab
    Communication & Soft Skills -IV
    Machine Learning Practical with Python, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow Python
  • MCA –III Semester

    Software Engineering
    Elective I
    .NET Framework and ASP .NET
    Compiler Design
    Elective II
    Neural Networks and Deep Learning
    Data Visualization, Matplotlib, TensorFlow Python
    Software Engineering Lab
    Elective I Lab
    .Net Lab
    Communication & Skils-V
  • MCA –IV Semester

    Industrial Project

Elective I

  • Advanced Database Concepts
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Android Programming

Elective I Lab

  • Advanced Database Concepts Lab
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining Lab
  • Android Programming Lab

Elective II

  • Parallel Processing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Real Time Systems


Career Prospects

These Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning  programs provide the following job profiles:

Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data & AI Architect, Big Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Research Engineer - Artificial Intelligence, Data and AI Consultant, Robotics Professional, Software Engineer, IoT Architect, Machine Learning Architect

Leading Recruiters are:

Google, Amazon, Facebook, MakeMyTrip, Oracle, HDFC Bank, FMCG Companies as they are producing smart machines, E-commerce companies like Snapdeal/ Flipkart