The course has strong Industry interface and Industry oriented pedagogy designed to develop critical skills needed for specific fields through Case Study Analysis, Workshops, Seminars and Industrial Visits.

It integrates theory and practice in multi-function framework to handle complex management issues through Project Work & Field Assignments. The rigorous corporate interactions make then acquire competitive edge for good employability. The students are geared to grasp complex theoretical formulation and their applications to ground realities. Equal attention is given to understanding of theories and concept based on empirical realities.


Duration: 2 Years


Bachelor's Degree (any stream) with good score in All India Level Aptitude test like MAT/ CAT/ CMAT / XAT / CET etc.

Selection Procedure:



Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    MBA-101Management Accounting
    MBA-102Principles and Practices of Management
    MBA-103Organizational Behaviour
    MBA-104Quantitative Techniques for Management
    MBA-105Business Communication
    MBA-106Computer Applications in Management
    MBA-107Environmental and Disaster Management
  • II Semester

    MBA-201Human Resource Management
    MBA-202Financial Management
    MBA-203Marketing Management
    MBA-204Operations & Production Management
    MBA-205Research Methodology
    MBA-206International Business Management
    MBA-207Management Information Systems
    MBA-208Business Ethics and Values
  • III Semester

    MBA-301Strategic Management
    MBA-302Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
    MBA-303Specialization Comprehensive Viva
    MBA-304Industrial Summer Training Project - Report/Viva/Research Projects/Presentations

    Note: The student will opt for 3 Electives from one specialization subject area & 1 Elective of Information Technology specialization.

  • IV Semester

    MBA-401Project Management
    MBA-402Legal Aspects of Business
    MBA-403Specialization Comprehensive Viva

    The student will opt for 3 Electives from the same specialization subject area (For that specialization area where 3 electives were opted in Semester III) &1 Elective of Information Technology specialization.

  • Marketing

    MBA-M001Consumer Behaviour
    MBA-M002Advertising and Brand Management
    MBA-M003Retail Management
    MBA-M004Marketing of Services
    MBA-M005Rural Marketing
    MBA-M006Sales And Distribution Management
    MBA-M007Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resouce Management

    MBA-H001Human Resource Development System & Strategies
    MBA-H002Manpower Planning & Management
    MBA-H003Training and Development
    MBA-H004International HR and Cross Cultural Management
    MBA-H005Organizational Change & Development
    MBA-H006Compensation and Performance Management
    MBA-H007Industrial Relations
  • Finance

    MBA-F001Financial Restructuring
    MBA-F002Management of Financial Services & Institutions
    MBA-F003Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
    MBA-F004Financial Derivatives
    MBA-F005International Accounting
    MBA-F006International Financial Management
    MBA-F007Corporate Tax Management
  • Information Technology

    MBA-IT002Data Communication and Networking

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • Abundant Opportunities in Operation Management, Research & Development, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Hospitality Management and various other verticals in Manufacturing & Service Industry .
  • Wide ranging career options in Industries like Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, Media, PR & Advertising, Consultancy, and Market Research.
  • Innumerable avenues in Finance Management such as Banks, Financial Consultancies, Financial Institutions, Consumer and Investment Banking, Institutional Finance, Merchant Banking, Corporate and International Finance.
  • Exciting career options in Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition and Training & Development.
  • Various other lucrative career options are available in International Business Management, Consultation and Entrepreneurship.