The school offers specialization in two functional areas (between HR, Marketing & Finance).

The programme is oriented to educate and train the students in the management skills so as to make them more adaptive in the competitive corporate sector. The semester-wise exposure to simulate theories with practical aspects, inclusion of innovations, the core elements of the teaching-learning process and rigorous corporate interactions makes them more employable.

Salient features

  • The course aims to impart specialization in two functional areas thereby, imparting those management skills in the student, which makes them more adapted and employable in corporate sector.
  • The course has strong Industry interface and Industry oriented pedagogy designed to develop critical skills needed for specific fields through Case Study Analysis, Workshops, Seminars and Industrial visits.
  • It integrates theory and practice in multi-functional framework to handle complex management issues through Project Work & Field Assignments.
  • In this course, the students are geared to grasp complex theoretical formulations and their applications to ground realities through Simulation Model.

Duration: 2 Years


Bachelor's Degree (any stream) with good score in All India Level Aptitude test like MAT/ CAT/ CMAT/XAT/CET etc.

Selection Procedure:



Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    MBA (D)-101Management Accounting
    MBA (D)-102Management Process and Organizational Behaviour
    MBA (D)-103Marketing Management
    MBA (D)-104Quantitative Techniques for Management
    MBA (D)-105Managerial Economics
    MBA (D)-106Business Communication
    MBA (D)-107Information Technology in Management
    MBA (D)-108Environmental and Disaster Management
    MBA (D)-109Industrial Project/ Industrial Visit-I
  • II Semester

    MBA (D)-201Human Resource Management
    MBA (D)-202Financial Management
    MBA (D)-203Operations & Production Management
    MBA (D)-204Research Methodology
    MBA (D)-205International Marketing
    MBA (D)-206Data Communication and Networking
    MBA (D)-207Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    MBA (D)-208Business Ethics and Values
    MBA (D)-209Industrial Project/ Industrial Visit-II
  • III Semester

    MBA (D)-301Strategic Management
    MBA (D)-302Economic and Legal Environment of Business
    MBA (D)-303Industrial Project - III (Summer Internship project)/ Comprehensive Specialization- Viva Voce

    Electives : 6 subject papers

    (Specialization Area- Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Retail Management and Rural Management)
  • IV Semester

    MBA (D)-401E-Business
    MBA (D)-402Project Management
    MBA (D)-403Industrial Project IV (Sector specific Project Work)/ Comprehensive Specialization- Viva
    (Preferred to be taken by a student in an industry where he/she would opt to take permanent placement)

    The student will opt for 3 Electives from the same specialization subject area (For that specialization area where 3 electives were opted in Semester III) &1 Elective of Information Technology specialization.

    Electives: 6 subject papers

    (Specialization Area- Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Retail Management and Rural Management)
  • Marketing

    MBA (D)-M001Consumer Behaviour
    MBA (D)-M002Advertising and Brand Management
    MBA (D)-M003Retail Management
    MBA (D)-M004Marketing of Services
    MBA (D)-M005Sales And Distribution Management
    MBA (D)-M006Customer Relationship Management
    MBA (D)-M007Industrial Marketing
    MBA (D)-M008Integration Marketing Communication
    MBA (D)-M009Marketing Research
    MBA (D)-M010Product and Brand Management
    MBA (D)-M011Strategic Marketing
  • Human Resouce Management

    MBA (D)-H001Human Resource Development System & Strategies
    MBA (D)-H002Human Resource Planning
    MBA (D)-H003Training and Development
    MBA (D)-H004International HR and Cross Cultural Management
    MBA (D)-H005Organizational Development
    MBA (D)-H006Strategic Compensation Management
    MBA (D)-H007Industrial Relations
    MBA (D)-H008Competency Mapping and Talent Management
    MBA (D)-H009Strategic Human Resource Management
    MBA (D)-H010Performance Management
    MBA (D)-H011Empowerment and Participative Management
  • Finance

    MBA (D)-F001Financial Restructuring
    MBA (D)-F002Management of Financial Services & Institutions
    MBA (D)-F003Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
    MBA (D)-F004Financial Derivatives
    MBA (D)-F005International Accounting
    MBA (D)-F006International Financial Management
    MBA (D)-F007Corporate Tax Management
    MBA (D)-F007Investment Management
    MBA (D)-F007Foreign Exchange Management
    MBA (D)-F007Strategic Cost Management and Control
    MBA (D)-F007Management Control System
  • Retail Management

    MBA (D)-RT001Retail Marketing
    MBA (D)-RT002Information Technology in Retail Management
    MBA (D)-RT003Retail Stores and Operation Management
    MBA (D)-RT004International Retailing
    MBA (D)-RT005Franchising and Legal Issues in Retail Management
    MBA (D)-RT006Retail Sales Techniques and Promotions
    MBA (D)-RT007Visual Merchandising and Communication
    MBA (D)-RT008Retail Branding and Strategy
    MBA (D)-RT009E-Retailing and CRM
    MBA (D)-RT0010Mall and Risk Management
  • Rural Management

    MBA (D)-RU001Rural Economy and Development
    MBA (D)-RU002Rural Banking
    MBA (D)-RU003Rural Marketing
    MBA (D)-RU004Micro Financing Initiation in Rural Sector
    MBA (D)-RU005Non –Formal Education for Rural Development
    MBA (D)-RU006Socio-Cultural Changes and Developments –Rural Sector
    MBA (D)-RU007Health and Welfare in Rural Segment
    MBA (D)-RU008Agri-Business Management
    MBA (D)-RU009Natural Resource Management Facilitating Rural Development
    MBA (D)-RU010Entrepreneurship & Technology for Developing Rural Sector
    MBA (D)-RU011NGOs and its HRD in Rural Sector

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • Abundant Opportunities in Operation Management, Research & Development, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Hospitality Management and various other verticals in Manufacturing & Service Industry .
  • Innumerable avenues in Finance Management such as Banks, Financial Consultancies, Financial Institutions, Consumer and Investment Banking, Institutional Finance, Merchant Banking, Corporate and International Finance.
  • Wide ranging career options in Industries like Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, Media, PR & Advertising, Consultancy, and Market Research.
  • Various other lucrative career options are available in International Business Management, Consultation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Exciting career options in Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition and Training & Development.