BA-LLB course combines Bachelor's degree course in Arts with Bachelor’s in Law. The syllabus for this program as the name suggests includes enriching curriculum in Art subjects.

The duration of the course BA-LLB at JNU, Jaipur is five years. Each year comprises of two semesters. A student who successfully completes the five years of BA-LLB course shall be eligible for the award of the both Degrees of Bachelor’s of Arts and Bachelor’s in Law.

Duration: 5 Years



Selection Procedure:

ET + PI + minimum Score of 45% marks in CLAT


Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    GEGeneral English (English Grammar)
    Political Science I (Political Governance: Theory and Organisation)
    Computer Concepts
    Legal and Constitutional History
    Law of Tort (Including MV Accident & Consumer Protection Laws) I
  • II Semester

    Communicative English
    Political Science II (Principles of Political Governance)
    Economics I: Principles, Banking, Money Supply
    History I (Indian History)
    Principles of Law of Crimes - I
    Law of Tort (Including MV Accident & Consumer Protection Laws) II
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with NGOs
  • III Semester

    Theoretical Perspectives on Media
    Creative Writing- (Hindi & English)
    WH History II (World History since 1919)
    Constitutional Law I (Principles of Constitutional Governance, i.e. Constitutional Theory, Comparative (India, US, Canada, Australia) Federal Government)
    Law of Crimes II :Administration of Criminal Justice, including Criminal Investigation, Prisons, Juveniles
    Jurisprudence I: (Legal Language & Legal Method, & Mooting)
  • IV Semester

    Economics III: International Trade & Investment
    Introduction to Media and Journalism
    Constitutional law II (Instruments of Governance: Constitutional Bodies)
    Law of Evidence
    Law of Contract I: General Principles of Contract
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with Trial Court/Trial Lawyers
  • V Semester

    Philosophy and Logic
    Principles of Commerce
    Administrative Law: Administrative Governance
    Family Law I
    Administration of Civil Justice: CPC, legal aid
    Law of Contracts II (Special Contracts, including Sales of Goods and Partnerships)
  • VI Semester

    Globalisation and the New Global Economy
    Principles of Management(General, Financial)
    Human Rights (including International Criminal Law)
    Family Law II
    Company Law (Corporative Governance)
    Jurisprudence II: Legal Theory and Interpretation of Statutes
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with High Court Judges/Lawyers
  • VII Semester

    International Governance (International Organisations)
    Law of Property
    Principles of Taxation Law
    Clinic I on Tax Laws
    Trust, Equity and Fiduciary Relationships
    Public International Law
  • VIII Semester

    Basics of Forensic Sciences
    Labour Law (Labour welfare Legislation)
    Environmental Law (Including wild life protection)
    Law, Science and Technology – Emerging Areas: Law and Medicine, Cyber Law, Telecommunications Law, etc
    Law of Carriage (Law of Multimodal Transport (land, air, maritime)
    Clinic II: Legal Aid and Public interest Litigation
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with Supreme Court Judges/ Lawyers
  • IX Semester

    Law of Prescriptions and Limitations (Substantive and Procedural)
    Conflict of Laws and International Contracts
    Intellectual Property Law (including IPRs in new technologies such as Biotechnology)
    Land and Agricultural Laws
    Clinic III: Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
    Clinic IV: Alternate Disputes Resolution: Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, etc.
    Internship Clinicals: Internship with industries
  • X Semester

    (Note: Wherever possible these courses will be taught through group seminars/clinicals/ research presentations)


    Optional Seminar Course I:

    - Criminology and Victimology
    - White Collar Crimes
    - International Criminal Law


    Optional Seminar Course II:

    - Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law
    - Law of the Sea
    - ILO


    Optional Seminar III (one to be opted for):

    - Securities and Investment Laws
    - WTO Law
    - Banking Laws (including the Negotiable Instruments Act)


    Optional Seminar IV (one to be opted for):

    - Local Self-Government & Panchayat Raj
    - Right to Information
    - Gender justice and Femininist Jurisprudence


    Clinic V:

    - Advocacy & Professional Ethics
    - Internship Clinicals: Internship with industries



Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • Lawyers, legal advisers in firms of industries
  • Academicians in universities and colleges
  • Outsourcing of legal services has opened up manifold opportunities for law graduates
  • Legal Consultation as legal experts
  • Writers/ Editors of Law Books/ Journals/ Reports