At the end of the this course, student should be able to:

  • Recognize the key importance of Skin, in the context to the health priority of the country.
  • Practice the specialty of dermatology, in keeping with the principles of professional ethics.
  • Identify, social, economic, environmental, biological & emotional determinates of patients, and institute diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, preventive and promotive measures to provide holistic care to patients.
  • Recognize the importance of growth and development as the foundation of dermatology and cosmetology and help each patient realize his/her optimal potential in this regard.
  • Take detailed history, perform full physical examination, local examination & make clinical diagnosis in the field of dermatology.
  • Perform relevant investigative and therapeutic procedures for the dermatology and cosmetology.
  • Interpret important imaging and laboratory results.
  • Plan and deliver comprehensive treatment for illness using principles of rational drug therapy.
  • Demonstrate empathy and humane approach towards patients and their families and respect their sensibilities.
  • Demonstrate communication skills of a high order in explaining management and prognosis, providing counseling and giving health education messages to patients, families and communities.

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: MBBS/MD

Selection Procedure: Merit+PI

Career Prospects

Career Prospects


Market value of the course:

  • This course is designed to provide special assistance to medical doctors in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology.