Internet technologies have seen an unprecedented growth in recent years. The focus on e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning and e-banking offers ease of access but also gives open hand to hackers and unscrupulous elements to target computer networks. This jeopardizes information and privacy. Such scenario have become common today in the age of industrial espionage and cyber snooping. Cyber security thus becomes important than ever.

University, one of the Top Engineering College in JNU, which launched Cyber Security Course in JNU, B. Tech CSE with Specialization in Cyber Security. Newly updated Course provides the latest Technology in Cyber Security. This ensures a robust protection of computer systems from unauthorized access. Hacking is common today. Hacking can not only steal significantly confidential information, but also obliterate the entire network systems. Cyber security thus hinders and disrupts the malicious practice of hacking.

Scope and Highlights

The Cyber Security Course has been formed in collaboration with the reputed Cyber Cure Academy. Cyber Cure is a giant in the field of computer security, for it looks after consumer software, server technology and cloud computing. It is also famous for its effective antivirus software.

The unique and professional association with Cyber Cure makes University one of the top Engineering Colleges in JNU. Students get to know the latest technology of computer science and cyber security. The entire course is prepared and monitored by Cyber Cure. A mix of academic vigor and professional dynamism, this course adds to the computer expertise and hones technical skills.

Career Opportunities

A CSE professional with a specialization in cyber security is everyone’s favorite in the world of IT. A certification in this program opens a world of opportunities in both private and public sectors. From security administrator to web security auditor to ethical hacker, endless jobs await these degree holders.

Some advanced job profiles are Chief information security officer, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Policy Analyst, Cyber Investigator, etc. With University, a top computer science University, you can bag one of the most high-paid jobs in the market.

Duration: 4 Years