Artificial Intelligence Course Description

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which were dreams once, are realities today. Keeping in mind the fast-changing tech world, JNU introduces this unique and innovative professional course to help students kick start a career in A.I and Machine Learning. As JNU becomes a leading artificial intelligence college in Jaipur, students from all over the country seek to enroll in this course.

This course, which is an agglomeration of the best artificial intelligence syllabus, introduces students to the basic concepts and algorithms of A.I and Machine Learning, and their effective implementation in both theory and practice. Students learn AI through an array of creative methods and techniques. The artificial intelligence course syllabus has been newly updated to keep the latest knowledge at the disposal of students. The course makes the artificial intelligence learning more interesting and fruitful.


A.I and Machine Learning have similarities and differences. The latter is a branch of the former. Our cutting-edge course structure familiarizes students with the nuances of Automation, Data analysis, Pattern recognition and other related areas in the field. Students shall be able to distinguish and use both creatively for innovation.

This newly-introduced course by JNU School of Engineering is now being counted as one of the top tech programs in AI and Machine Learning in India. Time and again, JNU School of Engineering has proved its mettle by featuring in the top list of the best engineering colleges Jaipur.

Career Opportunities

A tech degree in AI and Machine Learning is indeed a sure shot way to excel in the IT sector today. Global behemoths like Google, Face book and Amazon are forever hungry to recruit smart innovators in this field. Tech graduates from JNU remain one of the top and favorite choices of IT recruiters. Students have numerous working options in both India and abroad. The possibilities are endless.

Duration: 4 Years


10+2 PCM

Selection Procedure:

Entrance Test and Personal Interview


Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    Engineering Physics — 1
    Engineering Chemistry — I
    Engineering Mathematics — I
    Fundamentals of Electricals Science
    Introduction to IT and Computer Programming
    English —1
    Environmental Studies
    Overview of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Foundation of Data
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    Engineering Physics Lab —1
    Engineering Chemistry Lab —1
    Fundamentals of Electrical Science Lab
    IT and Computer Programming Lab
    Engineering Graphics & Design Lab
    Communication Skills Lab —1
    General Proficiency
  • II Semester

    Engineering Physics –II
    Engineering Chemistry – II
    Engineering Mathematics –II
    Engineering Mechanics
    Programming for Problem Solving
    English – II
    Programming Language – Python
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    Engineering Physics Lab – II
    Engineering Chemistry Lab-II
    Computer programming Lab
    Workshop Manufacturing Practices Lab
    Communication Skills Lab – II
    General Proficiency
  • III Semester

    Mathematics III
    Discrete Mathematical Structure
    Data Structure and Algorithms, through ‘C’
    Digital Electronics
    Analog Electronic Circuits
    Economics for Engineers
    Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning with Python
    Linear Algebra with Python, Numpy and Pandas
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    Data Structure Lab
    Digital Electronics Lab
    Analog Electronic Circuits La
    Web Design Lab using HTML/ DHTML
    General Proficiency*
  • IV Semester

    Optimization Techniques
    Object Oriented Programming Using C++
    Computer Organization & Architecture
    Design & Analysis of Algorithms
    Communication Fundamentals
    Entrepreneurship Development
    Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
    Machine Learning Practical with Python, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    OT Simulation Lab using Sci Lab / MATLAB
    Object Oriented Programming Lab
    Design & Analysis of Algorithms Lab
    Microprocessor Lab
    General Proficiency*
  • V Semester

    Computer Graphics
    Operating Systems
    Database Management Systems
    Programming in Java
    Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Vision and NLP)
    Deep Learning Practical with Python, TensorFlow and Keras
    Elective -I (Any One of the Following)
    Software Engineering
    Information Theory and Coding
    System Analysis and Design
    Open Elective -I
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    Computer Graphics Lab (C/C++)
    Database Management Systems Lab
    Java Programming Lab
    UNIX Shell Scripting and TCP/IP Lab
    General Proficiency*
  • VI Semester

    Computer Networks
    Application and Development Using Java
    Data Science - Tools and Techniques
    Elective-II (Any One of the Following)
    Formal Language & Automata Theory
    Object Oriented Modeling and Design Software Testing
    Elective-III (Any One of the Following)
    Artificial Intelligence
    Real Time Systems
    Logical and Functional Programming
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    Computer Networks Lab
    Application and Development Using Java Lab
    Python Lab
    Project Design with Seminar
    General Proficiency*
  • VII Semester

    Compiler Construction
    Relational Database Management System
    Elective-IV (Any One of the Following)
    Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
    Cloud Computing
    Distributed Systems
    Elective-V (Any One of the Following)
    Android Programming
    Deep Learning & Neural Networks
    Data Mining & Warehousing
    Data Visualization
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    Compiler Construction Lab
    RDBMS Lab (SQL Server/Oracle)
    Android Programming Lab
    Minor Project
    General Proficiency*
  • VIII Semester

    Internship/Entrepreneurship Project
    Work Presentation
    Emergent Technology /Academics
    Based Seminar
    General Proficiency *