The School of HMCT offers a 3 year full time course in B.Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Administration.

The curriculum of the programme  is well structured, which encourages critical thinking and empowers students with the necessary knowledge and leadership skills that are  required  by various local and international hotel chains, hospitality consulting firms and restaurant companies.

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2 with min 50 % in aggregate

Selection Procedure: PI


Programme Outcome


Specialization in Event Management

  • I Semester

    BHHA-1Food Production Foundation– I
    BHHA-2Food & Beverage Service Foundation– I
    BHHA-3Front Office Foundation– I
    BHHA-4Hotel Housekeeping Foundation– I
    BHHA-5Applications of Computers
    BHHA-6Basic Hygiene & HACCP
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHHA-1PFood Production Foundation– I
    BHHA-2PFood & Beverage Service Foundation– I
    BHHA-3PFront Office Foundation– I
    BHHA-4PHotel Housekeeping Foundation–I
    BHHA-5PApplications of Computers
    IPCInter personal Communication
  • II Semester

    BHHA-7Food Production Foundation– II
    BHHA-8Food & Beverage Service Foundation– II
    BHHA-9Front Office Foundation– II
    BHHA-10Hotel Housekeeping Foundation–II
    BHHA-11Food Science & Nutrition
    BHHA-12Business Communication
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHHA-7PFood Production Foundation – II
    BHHA-8PFood & Beverage Service Foundation – II
    BHHA-9PFront Office Foundation– II
    BHHA-10PHotel Housekeeping Foundation - II
    BHHA-11PFood Science & Nutrition
    BHHA-12PBusiness Communication
  • III Semester

    BHHA-13Food Production Operation- I
    BHHA-14Food & Beverage Service Operation - I
    BHHA-15Front Office Operation- I
    BHHA-16Housekeeping Operation – I
    BHHA-17Basic Accounting
    BHHA-18Principles of Management
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHHA-13PFood Production Operation- I
    BHHA-14PFood & Beverage Service Operation - I
    BHHA-15PFront Office Operation-I
    BHHA-16PHousekeeping Operation -I
    PBMProfessional Behavior & Mannerism
  • IV Semester

    BHHA- IT20 weeks Industrial Training

  • V Semester
    (Specialization in Hotel Administration)

    BHHA-19Food Production Operation -II
    BHHA-20Food & Beverage Operation -II
    BHHA-21Front Office Operation -II
    BHHA-22Housekeeping Operation -II
    BHHA-23Hotel Accounting
    BHHA-24Hotel Laws & Risk Management
    BHHA-25Facility Design & Management-I
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHHA-19PFood Production Operation- II
    BHHA-20PFood & Beverage Operation- II
    BHHA-21PFront Office Operation- II
    BHHA-22PHousekeeping Operation -II
    PDPersonality Development
  • VI Semester

    BHHA-26Advance Food Production
    BHHA-27Advance Food & Beverage Operation
    BHHA-28Human Resource Management
    BHHA-29Food & Beverage Management
    BHHA-30Sales and Marketing
    BHHA-31Financial Management
    BHHA-32Facility Design & Management- II
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHHA-26PAdvance Food Production
    BHHA-27PAdvance Food &Beverage Operation
    BHHA-33PManagement Information Systems (MIS)
  • V Semester
    (Specialization in Event Management)

    BHEM-19Introduction to Event Management
    BHEM-20Food & Beverage Operations II
    BHEM-21Event Management Planning
    BHEM-22Event Production Process
    BHEM-23Event Marketing & Sponsorship
    BHEM-24Strategic Management
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHEM-20PFood & Beverage Operations II
  • VI Semester

    BHEM-25Human Resource Management
    BHEM-26Advanced Food &Beverage Operations
    BHEM-27Sales & Marketing
    BHEM-28Event Hospitality Laws, Permissions & Risk Management
    BHEM-29Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management
    BHEM-30Special Event Planning
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BHEM-26PAdvanced Food & Beverage Operations
    BHEM-30PSpecial Event Planning -Project
    BHEM-31PManagement Information Systems (MIS)


Career Prospects

Career Prospects

There are infinite opportunities in global hospitality industry for people with the right attitude and the willingness to work hard with a smile. The value of obtaining a degree in Hotel Management is great especially in Jaipur as it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country.

  • Exciting opportunities to work in National & International Hotel Chains such as Taj, Oberoi, Welcome Group, Hyatt, Sheraton etc. in different departments like Front Office, House Keeping, Food and Beverage Service and Food Production.
  • Airline Industry is also a good option for the hotel management graduates. Students can join as Flight Stewards, Ground Staff and Public Relation Officers in Government Tourism department.
  • Retail Sector is another option for hotel management graduates. It includes PVR Cinemas, Malls, Corporate offices, Hospitals and the BPO industry.