Chemistry is the central science of all aspect of technical development require people with expertise in chemistry. Thus there is a continuing need for chemistry teachers in the region. In addition, there is an increasing need for graduates with some chemistry background for work in the industry as quality control staff, production manager & in a range of Government & Private research laboratories, e.g. mineral exploration, environmental pollution monitoring, agriculture. The contribution of chemistry graduates to regional development is considerable.

The students will become aware and alert about the important aspects of chemical terminology, nomenclature, convention and units.They would be empowered with principles of thermodynamics and kinetics related to chemistry. Apply the principles and procedures used in chemical analysis and characterization. As a professional, they can explore avenues through knowledge and adherence to chemical safety legislation.  They would be able to operate laboratory procedures in synthetic and analytical chemistry. Evaluate experimental data through testing hypotheses, defining problems and creating innovative and practical solutions.

The course would prepare the students for a variety of possible careers in chemistry laboratories and in chemistry-related fields like forensics or pharmaceutical. It is also an excellent preparation for Pre-professional Programs in medicine, dentistry, medical technology, etc.

Duration: 3 Years


10+2 minimum 45% marks at 10+2 level or equivalent with English as compulsory Subject

Selection Procedure:

Merit and PI