People of the world are spending most of their time in offices since  they are involved in sedentary jobs which results in lack of exercise. This kind of life style increases the stress level. The first precautionary measure a person can take is a balanced and healthy diet. Nutritionists and dieticians have various career options. Community dietitian’s advice individuals and groups on nutritional practices intended to prevent disease and to promote good health.

Nutritionist can be employed in various fields such as colleges, research institutes, schools, companies, private or govt hospitals, airlines, office cafeterias, yoga center,  maternity, govt's health depts., athletes camps,  mass media  sector, etc, where their advice is required to promote eating healthy food. In addition, they can also work as private practitioner and private consultant.

They work in places like health maintenance organizations, home health agencies, and public health clinics. Well experienced dietitians can opt as associate or assistant of a dietetic dept or can also become a freelancer.  Some dietitians are specialized in renal or paediatric dietetics areas.

Duration: 3 Years


10+2 (50%) with PCB

Selection Procedure:

Theory and Practical Exam at the end of each year.

Career Prospects

  • Consultants
  • Therapeutic dietitian
  • Food Show Host
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Nutrition Trainer
  • Administrative Nutritionists
  • Public Health / Community dietitian