The programme offers a wide range of opportunities in the field of mass media , journalism, public relations and advertising. Journalists work in all types of media fields and industries. Media plays an important role in our lives. It provides excellent opportunity to the students who are willing to be in creative professions like advertising, public relations, marketing, anchoring , reporting , media research and development communication.

Duration: 3 years


10+2 (Any Stream)

Selection Procedure:

Merit and Personal Interview


Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    BJ101Introduction to Communication
    BJ102Media Reporting
    BJ103Communicative English
    BJ104History of Press
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BJ105Introduction to Communication
    BJ106Media Reporting
    BJ107Communicative English
    BJ108History of Press
  • II Semester

    BJ201Theoretical Perspectives on Media
    BJ202Creative Writing- (Hindi & English)
    BJ203Radio Production
    BJ204TV Production
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BJ205Theoretical Perspectives on Media
    BJ206Creative Writing- (Hindi & English)
    BJ207Radio Production
    BJ208TV Production
  • III Semester

    BJ301Communication Research and Methods
    BJ302Media Ethics and Laws
    BJ303Media and Politics
    BJ304Film Appreciation
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BJ305Communication Research and Methods
    BJ306Media Ethics and Laws
    BJ307Media and Politics
    BJ308Film Appreciation
  • IV Semester

    BJ401Broadcast Journalism
    BJ402Basics of Editing
    BJ403Media Economics
    BJ404Media Management
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BJ405Broadcast Journalism
    BJ406Basics of Editing
    BJ407Media Economics
    BJ408Media Management
  • V Semester

    BJ501Development Communication
    BJ502Photo Journalism
    BJ504Public Relations
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BJ505Development Communication
    BJ506Photo Journalism
    BJ508Public Relations
  • VI Semester

    BJ601Environmental Communication
    BJ602Basics of Camera Light and Sound
    BJ603New Media
    BJ604Project Work
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BJ605Environmental Communication
    BJ606Basics of Camera Light and Sound
    BJ607New Media
    BJ604Project Work

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • Print Media (News Paper, Magazine)

    • Journalist/ Photojournalist
    • Layout Designer/ Graphic Designer
    • Sub Editors
  • Advertising agencies/ Corporate houses

    • Public Relation Officer
    • Advertising Manager
    • Content Writer
  • Electronic media (TV & Radio)

    • Journalist/Photojournalist
    • Anchor/Radio jockey
    • Producer
    • Script Writer
    • Editor/ Sub Editor
  • Government sector

    • Reporter
    • Cameraman
    • Public Relations Officer
  • New media (based on internet)

    • Content writer
    • Layout Designer/ Graphic Designer
  • Animation Industries

    • Graphic Designer