The B. Pharm Course offered by the School of pharmaceutical sciences is the health care profession that deal with manufacture, sale, and effective use of life saving drugs. There are ample opportunities of employment in the following areas

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Production
  • R & D
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Education and Drug Control Administration

Duration: 4 Years

Eligibility: 10+2 with min. 45% in PCM/PCB

Selection Procedure: Entrance Test and Personal Interview


Programme Outcome
  • I Semester

    BPH 1.1.1 TMathematics-I
    BPH 1.1.2 TPharmacognosy-I
    BPH 1.1.3 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
    BPH 1.1.4 TAnatomy Physiology & Health Education (APHE)-I
    BPH 1.1.5 TPharmaceutics-I (Dispensing & Community Pharmacy)
    BPH 1.1.6 TFunctional English & Communication Skills
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 1.1.2 PPharmacognosy-I
    BPH 1.1.3 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
    BPH 1.1.4 PAnatomy Physiology & Health Education (APHE)-I
    BPH 1.1.5 PPharmaceutics-I (Dispensing & Community Pharmacy)
    BPH 1.1.2 PPharmacognosy-I (Dispensing & Community Pharmacy)
  • II Semester

    BPH 1.2.1 TAnatomy Physiology & Health Education (APHE)-II
    BPH 1.2.2 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Biochemistry)
    BPH 1.2.3 TPharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Ethics.
    BPH 1.2.4 TPharmacognosy-II
    BPH 1.2.5 TPharmaceutics-II (Hospital Pharmacy)
    BPH 1.2.1 TAnatomy Physiology & Health Education (APHE)-II
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 1.2.1 PAnatomy Physiology & Health Education (APHE)-II
    BPH 1.2.2 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Biochemistry)
    BPH 1.2.4 PPharmacognosy-II
    BPH 1.2.5 PPharmaceutics-II (Hospital Pharmacy)
    BPH 1.2.1 PAnatomy Physiology & Health Education (APHE)-II
  • III Semester

    BPH 2.3.1 TPharmaceutical Analysis-I
    BPH 2.3.2 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Physical Chemistry)
    BPH 2.3.3 TPharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-I including Engineering Drawing)
    BPH 2.3.4 TComputer Science and Applications
    BPH 2.3.5 TMathematics-II
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 2.3.1 PPharmaceutical Analysis-I
    BPH 2.3.2 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Physical Chemistry)
    BPH 2.3.3 PPharmaceutics-III (Unit Operations-I including Engineering Drawing)
    BPH 2.3.4 PComputer Science and Applications
  • IV Semester

    BPH 2.4.1 TPharmacognosy-III
    BPH 2.4.2 TPathophysiology of Common Diseases.
    BPH 2.4.3 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-IV (Organic Chemistry-I)
    BPH 2.4.4 TPharmaceutics-IV (Physical Pharmacy)
    BPH 2.4.5 TPharmaceutical Analysis-II
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 2.4.1 PMidwifery and Obstetrical Nursing
    BPH 2.4.3 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-IV (Organic Chemistry-I)
    BPH 2.4.4 PPharmaceutics-IV (Physical Pharmacy)
    BPH 2.4.5 PPharmaceutical Analysis-II
  • V Semester

    BPH 3.5.1 TPharmaceutics-V (Pharmaceutical Technology-I)
    BPH 3.5.2 TPharmacology-I
    BPH 3.5.3 TPharmacognosy-IV
    BPH 3.5.4 TPharmaceutics-VI (Unit Operations-II)
    BPH 3.5.5 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Organic Chemistry-II)
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 3.5.1 PPharmaceutics-V (Pharmaceutical Technology-I)
    BPH 3.5.2 PPharmacology-I
    BPH 3.5.3 PPharmacognosy-IV
    BPH 3.5.4 PPharmaceutics-VI (Unit Operations-II)
    BPH 3.5.5 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Organic Chemistry-II)
  • VI Semester

    BPH 3.6.1 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-VI (Medicinal Chemistry-I)
    BPH 3.6.2 TPharmaceutics-VII (Pharmaceutical Technology-II)
    BPH 3.6.3 TPharmacology-II
    BPH 3.6.4 TChemistry of Natural Products
    BPH 3.6.5 TPharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 3.6.1 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-VI (Medicinal Chemistry-I)
    BPH 3.6.2 PPharmaceutics-VII (Pharmaceutical Technology-II)
    BPH 3.6.3 PPharmacology-II
    BPH 3.6.4 PChemistry of Natural Products
    BPH 3.6.5 PPharmaceutical Microbiology
  • VII Semester

    BPH 4.7.1 TPharmaceutical Biotechnology
    BPH 4.7.2 TPharmaceutics-VIII (Bio-pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
    BPH 4.7.3 TPharmaceutical Industrial Management
    BPH 4.7.4 TPharmacology-III
    BPH 4.7.5 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-VII (Medicinal Chemistry-II)
    BPH 4.7.6 TElective (Dissertation, Theory)
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 4.7.2 PPharmaceutics-VIII (Bio-pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
    BPH 4.7.4 PPharmacology-III
    BPH 4.7.5 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-VII (Medicinal Chemistry-II)
  • VIII Semester

    BPH 4.8.1 TPharmaceutics-IX (Dosage Form Design)
    BPH 4.8.2 TPharmaceutical Analysis-III
    BPH 4.8.3 TPharmaceutical Chemistry-VIII (Medicinal Chemistry-III)
    BPH 4.8.4 TPharmacognosy-V
    BPH 4.8.5 TPharmacology-IV (Clinical Pharmacy & Drug interactions)
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BPH 4.8.1 PPharmaceutics-IX (Dosage Form Design)
    BPH 4.8.2 PPharmaceutical Analysis-III
    BPH 4.8.3 PPharmaceutical Chemistry-VIII (Medicinal Chemistry-III)
    BPH 4.8.4 PPharmacognosy-V
    BPH 4.8.6 PProject related to elective, Seminar presentation on Dissertation

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • The job avenues are manifold for a pharmacist in the industry, government developments, academics, hospitals, investigation and, research institutes.
  • In government organizations, a pharmacist maintains proper records according to various government Acts governing the profession of pharmacy.
  • M.Pharm. or Ph.D. holders are normally absorbed in research work, to develop useful drugs and production work in pharmaceutical industries and analyzing them for purity and strength.
  • Employment opportunities are galore in cosmetic industries and pharma industries for quality assurance and maintaining safety standards.
  • They can also register with the state pharmacy council, to set up and run their own pharmacy or chemists and druggists shop.
  • Drug control administration and armed forces also offer range of opportunities to pharmacists.
  • Students with masters degree in pharmacy may also take up teaching as a profession in pharmacy colleges and universities.
  • Opportunities are also available in sales promotion work as medical representative.
  • They can work as drug inspectors to ensure the quality of the drugs.
  • They can also work in government dispensaries, CRC and PRC.