School of Languages, Literature and Society will develop students language skills to enable them to   communicate in professional contexts. At the end of the programme, students will have adequate level of linguistic and cultural competence and will be well prepared for the academic as well as the professional world.

Duration: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2 (any stream). Preference to those who have passed in II Division

Selection Procedure: Merit and Interview


Programme Outcome


  • I Semester

    BA(H)E-101 Modern English Usages and Language I
    BA(H)E-102History of English Literature
    BA(H)E-103Introduction to English Literature I
    BA(H)E-104Introduction to English Literature II
    BA(H)E-105Introduction to Political Science-I
    BA(H)E-106Compulsory French-I
  • II Semester

    BA(H)E-207English Usage, Literary Forms and Devices
    BA(H)E-208Elizabethan Age and Metaphysical
    BA(H)E-20917th and 18th Century Literature
    BA(H)E-210Pre-Romantic and Romantic Literature
    BA(H)E-211Introduction to Political Science-II
    BA(H)E-212Compulsory French-II
  • III Semester

    BA(H)E-313Phonetics and Spoken English
    BA(H)E-314Nineteenth Century Poetry & Drama
    BA(H)E-315Nineteenth Century Prose & Fiction
    BA(H)E-316Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama
    BA(H)E-317Introduction to Political Science-III
    BA(H)E-318Compulsory French-III
  • IV Semester

    BA(H)E-419Twentieth Century Prose and Fiction
    BA(H)E-420Modern English Usages & Language-II
    BA(H)E-421Indian Writing in English-I
    BA(H)E-422Indian Writing in English-II
    BA(H)E-423Introduction to Political Science-IV
    BA(H)E-424Compulsory French-IV
  • V Semester

    BA(H)E-525American Literature
    BA(H)E-526New Literatures
    BA(H)E-527Major Philosophical Trends
    BA(H)E-528Media Studies and Film Appreciation
  • VI Semester

    BA(H)E-629Indian and Western Poetics
    BA(H)E-630Regional Literatures in Translation
    BA(H)E-631Critical Theories
    BA(H)E-632Introduction to Language and Linguistics
    BA(H)E-633Mini Research Project (followed by Viva Voce)


Career Prospects

There are numerous career prospects as experts of literature and language (s) such as :

  • Students can be employed as language trainers, Soft- Skill trainers, Voice & Accent trainers apart from regular teaching assignment at schools, colleges and universities.
  • Students who have good skills in writing can be employed as campaign managers, speech writers and other positions that require the sophisticated use of written and spoken English.
  • Students can be employed by various institutions to teach English for all kinds of competitive exams.
  • Content development and ITES firms also recruit English post graduates.
  • Some of the fields where students with a degree in English can look for careers are: Copywriter, Editor,/ Sub- Editors, and Freelance Writer.
  • Students of English literature can also find jobs as independent literary critics.
  • Writing for print or online publications.
  • Media reporters in private sectors.
  • Companies that print out Magazines and journals.