School of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

MOU with JOJO International

Jul 30, 2022
Holiday Inn

JOJO International Pvt Ltd was set up in 2009 with the sole purpose to bring in professionalism and excellence in the domain of placements and overseas education, specially catering to the hospitality industry. Moreover, give aspirants in India and abroad help realise their dream careers by simplifying it.

JOJO International believes in strong sense of ethics drives every person working with us. A combined experience of minds from engineering, hospitality and management share their valuable experience in helping you realize your dream career. We leave no stone unturned in achieving the impossible and help every candidate secure the best job as per his profile. In that process, we end up building and nurturing an everlasting relationship.

MOU sets the following terms and conditions in place:

  • Period of attachment is for 12 months International Internship programs and Middle East Programme, the first batch of which shall commence on such date that both parties may agree in writing. Each subsequent period of attachment shall commence on the day immediately following the last day of attachment. However, the duration of each period of attachment may vary as this is subject to the approval of the Student's visa by the government.
  • JOJO grants permission to JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR to promote or market our International Internship Programs and vice versa.
  • This Agreement shall be in effect for the term of 2 years from the MOU Signing Date ("300 July 2022"). The parties may thereafter renew the term of this Agreement upon mutual written agreement.
  • Either party may terminate at any time upon thirty (30) days' prior notice, without cause, without any termination fee or any other cost, charge or expense of any kind or nature.
  • JOJO will provide all necessary documentation for Training Visit Pass Application with the assistance of the College, JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR, This includes the following:
  • College Reference Letter and Hotel management mark Sheets.
  • JOJO will be responsible for the following:
  • Repatriate any student who has violated the Hotel's rules and regulations or local laws of Country and if they are unfit for training as notified by the Hotel whose decision shall be final and conclusive.
  • Review the progress and performance of each student with The International HOTEL's management staff who reserves the right to terminate the training of any student 'who does abides to the rules and regulations