School of Computer & Systems Sciences

Teacher’s training for development and delivery of e-contents video lectures

Mar 09, 2024

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A faculty development program was organized by the School of Computer and Systems Sciences (SCSS) on 09th March 2024 at 3:00 PM for faculty members of SCSS and SOET. The session HOD-SCSS, Dr. Sunil Gupta was the key speaker . All the faculty members of School of Computer and Systems Sciences and School of Engineering Technology (SOET) were present at the venue.

In conclusion, the teacher's training program has been a resounding success, empowering educators to embrace technology and innovate in their teaching practice. The impact of this program will be felt not only in the classrooms of today but in the future of education as a whole.

The outcomes of a teacher's training program for the development and delivery of e-contents/video lectures can be diverse, depending on the specific goals and focus of the training. Here are some common outcomes that such a program might aim to achieve: Enhanced Digital Skills, Improved Content Quality, Increased Technological Literacy, Enhanced Teaching Methods, Professional Development, Improved Student Engagement, Innovation in Teaching, etc.