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Interactive Workshop on “HR Beyond HR”

Nov 30, 2023
HR Workshop

Our School of Business and Management organized an Interactive Workshop on HR beyond HR on 30th November 2023 from 11.30 a.m. onwards through Google Meet Platform.

The speaker of the session wasMr. Rakesh Prasad Srivastav, GM, HR & IR, JK TYRE & Industries Ltd. There were 70 participants in the session.

The session was arranged by Our Hon VC Prof R.L. Raina Sir, Moderated by CA Shaifali Mathur and coordinated by Dr. Shilpi Bagga.

The session was well graced by the presence of the Hon Vice Chancellor of JNU who also welcomed the guest and generously introduced the speaker by apprising the audience about the achievements of Mr. Rakesh in the various corporates he has worked for like Bosch Ltd, Lafarge India private limited. Mr Rakesh is currently holding the position of GM HR and is based at the Kankroli plant of JK tyres& Industries at Rajsamand, Rajasthan,  overseeing around 1200 workers and overall 2000 persons including managerial staff members.

He started the session with the primary function of human resource management is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees in the attainment of organizational goals and objectives.

The focus of Mr Rakesh for the day’s deliberation was more on IR i.e. Industrial Relations. Human Resources professionals (HR) and IRs initial roles remain closely aligned with personnel and administration, performing duties such as hiring people, budgeting, to help their organization function well. However, effective HR Professionals serve a much more pertinent role in their organization and by using their knowledge skills and abilities, can help their organization become successful.The speaker Mr Rakesh shared the example of how during Covid he was able to effectively manage restarting the plant shortly after the compulsory lock down by keeping the safety of the workers and other staff in mind. It is important for HR professionals to work closely with the management they serve and maintain their calm and composure in challenging unforeseen times. Everything cannot be taught through books and a clear perspective is important in times of difficulty.

He further shared about another scenario wherein an accidental death of a worker took place and a local union member wanted to politicize the issue. It was with great empathy and keeping the well being of all in mind that he was able to handle the tricky situation.

Lessons in IR were shared with another example of how once their plant was sought to be shut down by the local populace by demanding that JK Industries provides water for the local villagers. This issue was also tactfully managed with patience, empathy and reasoning. After the plant was shut down for three days how a compromise was achieved without harming the interest of the business or of the community.

Overall, the session was liked by all. The lessons of People Planet and Profit was well received. Sustainability is the buzz word these days and Mr Rakesh’s deliberation were a case in point on the practical aspect of it. The students asked a few questions and they were very well answered by Mr Rakesh again displaying his quality of empathy.

The fruitful session touched upon many aspects of management from CSR to sustainability to possession of softskills and many old and new industrial challenges from the Bhopal gas tragedy to the current rescue of mining workers were touched upon by the speaker and the moderator.

Throughout the session the concept of social licensing to operate was stressed upon and this concept was the key takeaway of the session.

The session closed by extending thanks to the speaker and the speaker wished the students well for their upcoming semester exams.

HR Workshop
HR Workshop
HR Workshop