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Vice-Chancellor / President

Professor H.N. Verma

(Vice-Chancellor / President)

Jaipur National University, a universally renowned name in the field of technical and professional education, aims at providing its students with excellent career. The University offers several programmes of study and research at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. Jaipur National University, comprises various magnetic characteristics in the form of great academic reputation, competent faculty , grand infrastructure and soothing surroundings. Each of the programmes offered by the University makes you do and feel something innovative. The University focuses on your all round development. For this purpose it holds a number of extra-curricular programmes, as games and sports activities and social and cultural events. Your search for a platform to develop your multi-faceted skill-set, in-depth knowledge, holistic personality development and realization of dreams has brought you to your ideal destination in the form of Jaipur National University –an ideal destination for education. The campus offers a cosmopolitan ambience to its students coming form different parts of India and the globe. Several active clubs in the University inspire students to participate in workshops and seminars, organize competitions and brainstorming sessions which help our students in developing their potential to meet demands and expectations of organizations and institutions in diverse sectors.

I take pride in saying that most of the teachers are well recognized at the national and international levels on the basis of their published works and the honours/awards which they have received in recognition of their scholarship. Coming to the placement record of the University one finds its students working at prestigious positions in reputed corporate, business houses and research institutions.

Jaipur National University has secured a prominent position in the field of education in a small span of seven years - from being a small engineering and management institution to becoming one of the best technical and professional educational destinations in the country.

If you desire to get your dreams realized I can definitely assure you that being a part of this University you are going to have a bright and successful future.


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