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Pro-Chancellor / Pro-Chairman

Professor K.L. Sharma

(Pro-Chancellor / Pro-Chairman)

"If progress is to be steady we must have long term guides extending far ahead."

As one of the best universities of India, Jaipur National University, Jaipur (JNU) has an impact not only at local and national levels but at international level too, with the collaborations and associations of many renowned national/foreign institutions. Jaipur National University is recognized as a socially-inclusive institution of higher education in various professional and technical sectors. Since its inception in 2007, the University has been consistently attracting students from all parts of India and abroad.

We endeavour to produce thinking minds with a bright vision of the future driven by a mission to make a difference in the workplace, through deep sense of dedication, integrity and tenacity. With around 10000 students and over 400 faculty members – 14 schools are striving to accomplish the noble Vision and Mission of the University. By working closely with our students’ community, we are indeed proud to play a leadership role in stimulating innovative spirits , fostering inquisitiveness and enhancing independent thinking both in our students and faculty members.

We get motivation and inspiration from Government, Society, and Industries along with our students’ community to proceed towards rapid socio-economic transformation in order to establish the image of “student-centred institution”. Besides, the University also organizes various co-curricular activities to provide a global platform to the students for their overall development. We strongly value our collaborations with industries, professional associations and institutions of higher education in India and abroad.

I congratulate the students on their new venture through Jaipur National University as it offers a unique opportunity to the students to become a part of the learning process in an open and advanced academic environment.

Best Wishes!!


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